Apr. 14th, 2007

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I've remembered why I wasn't planning on doing a New Media and Society essay now...'cause they suck!

Still, I've changed the one I'm doing now so I'm doing it on something I've already got notes written up on, but it's still hard. :s

Have decided I need to get the bulk of it done today, and I'm quite bad 'cause I still didn't bother starting 'til about 10 mins ago.

In theory I already have 1,000 words done from my notes alone, but I need another 3,000 at least, and my notes need to be altered a bit anyway 'cause they were done to answer the question in a different way.



Last night was good, got my books out then went to J's where we had chocolate milk & Baileys and watched Ugly Betty. Also saw beginning of Kidnapped which looked good, but was v.confusing & I don't think I can watch it this late - have no clue about most of the plot!
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Okay scratch that - I can't concentrate and I've got cramps. Will have to wait 'til later to get any proper work done, which has been the patten this week; for some reason I just concentrate better at night. *shrug*

So I'm going to have a break and watch something with a cup of tea (me with the cup of tea, not the show), and then try again after that.

Am also a bit more stressed now 'cause I remembered I've got japanese oral and listening tests this term, which means I'll need to knuckle down with my self-study if I want to do well. :/ Think I've only got two weeks once term starts before my tests, which is probably no-where near enough time for me to learn it enough!


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