Apr. 15th, 2007

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It's too hard, so I'm going to temporarily abandon this essay.

...I say 'temporarily', but it's likely I'll abandon it completely - which would be a shame 'cause I've already got a 1,000+ words - but I do just keep writing myself in circles & I swear this guy is being deliberately vague!

Anyway, I still need to do my other essay & I've got to see the teacher about that in the first week of term so I figure I'd better get that done first, no matter if I go back to this essay or not.

Tomorrow is job-hunting day though, 'cause otherwise I may never get 'round to it & I figure if I only devote one day to it then I won't exactly miss out on much "work-time". So, job-hunting, yay, and this time I'm going to fill out any applications I get given while I'm still at the shop - otherwise the actual handing in of the them gets too drawn-out. :/

Hope it's not too hot tomo though 'cause I think I'm going to be doing a lot of walking...


Finished Full House y*day!!

Was sooooo good, but I don't think I savoured the last 2 eps as much as I should've; kept feeling guilty 'cause should've been working & so kept stopping them and going and doing a bit of work, then going back to them, then looking at the clock continuously worrying that I wouldn't have time to work in...and, yeah, wasn't a good way to watch it!

I've got all of A Love To Kill downloaded now, so I'll be watching that next - I'm going to job-hunt & at least get the outline of my next essay done before I allow myself to start it though!


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