Apr. 19th, 2007

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Overslept a bit today 'cause was knackered still, so only got up at 10:30 - not too bad as others were only just getting up then; apart from Jess & Simon who'd already left to do revision.

I've managed to do 800+ words today, but I'm going to try and do a bit more before I give up for the day. I still couldn't really settle down to it today, though it was better 'cause they all went out for a bit of it - coincidentally that was when I did the bulk of the writing!

Right now only Steph's in the house, but I still can't concentrate. :/ 'tis annoying.


Y*day was Flamingo World!

It was actually really good - we were all in really good moods & it was a nice day. We kept joking that Lianne and Steve were the kids and me'n'Steph were the parents, and in the car we had them in the back seat and they kept hitting each other with Steph's teddies. *tuts*

Only real downside I found was that they kept trying to talk me into going on rollercoaster's (which I'm petrified of & hate). It wasn't the actual nagging which got to me, it was the fact that then I felt guilty for having to repeatedly say "no" - felt like I was dragging them down a bit, 'cause they probably thought I wasn't having as much fun. Thing is it really doesn't bother me to wait 'round and watch while others go on the rides.

I think Lianne got a bit fed up with that - and I think it was more the fact that the other two were focusing on me so much & putting so much effort into trying to include me in the rides.

But that was only a small thing so it didn't matter too much.

I did go on the water ride - the drop was a lot bigger than I expected, so I went 'round terrified of the end bit and gripping Steph's arm. We also got absolutely soaked - me and Lianne especially 'cause we were on the sides.

I was still a bit damp by the end of the day & that was even with us going in the full-body drier once we were off the ride!

I also went on a peddle boat (we got Lianne & Steve to peddle), the cable car, the mono-rail, and the mini train 'round the park - all of which was v.fun. ^_^

And we went in the reptile house, a weird kid's thing with funny 'experiments' (like dracula on the loo, a chimney with the inside covered in mirrors so you could see yourself, putting your hand in a reflective thing and trying to shake your hand's reflection, etc...), and watched the sealion show.

We saw a lot of animals - I felt really sorry for the tigers, their enclosure was far too small for them, but the babboons and gibbons monkeys were all really funny & kept playing. The hippos were quite cool too, and the lynx's were so cute!

Meerkats were also good, but I was surprised at how little time we spent watching them, considering they were practically all Steph was talking about when she was on about going to Flamingo World.

For lunch I got some fish & chips, which was a big mistake - gave me a horrible tummy ache from all the grease & I think I would've been better off getting a muffin or something instead.

On the way home I had to confiscate the teddies to stop Steve from hitting Lianne (who'd bought a rock-dummy and was sucking it) with them, and then I ended up giving them back to them 'cause they started kicking the back of Steph's seat [jokingly].

When we got home we hung out in the kitchen and watched Eggheads, then I headed over to Justine's.

We made chicken sate for dinner - skewered chicken pieces grilled in sate sauce, with jasmine rice, and served with sate&coconut milk sauce.

Was v.yummy, but unfortunately my poorly tummy meant I couldn't finish mine - left a skewer and a half, and about a third of my rice. :(

We watched James Martin (the chef - v.fit), Ugly Betty, Miss Match, Desperate Housewives, and part of Scrubs. By that time it was 12:15 so I figured I'd better head home.

Once home I started to read a snarry fic, but fell asleep mid-read. Woke up again enough to turn my computer off, but then I zonked out again.

My alarm went off as 7:30 today, but it kinda took me a while to figure out my alarm was going off and silence it. Was just so tired still!


Tomorrow day-time is hiding-in-my-room-and-working day(again), and then tomorrow night I'm going to La Tasca, a tapas bar, with Steph and Justine, followed by Vodka Revolution.

It's meant to be VR opening night - that's what it says on their website - but on the free tickets we got it says the opening night is on saturday.

Steph can't do saturday though, and apparently the VR bar is already running so we're going to go anyway, and see if we can use the tickets - if not then entry should be free anyway, it just means we won't get our free drinks.


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