Apr. 20th, 2007

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I've hardly done any work today, and yet I feel accomplished!^^

I've hit the 2,000+ word mark, which means I'm nearly halfway through this essay & given how little trouble I'm actually having with droning on about the book I'm not worried at all about how slow I'm going. Esp' as my essay plan is forming itself nicely, so even if I don't get it finished by next week *crosses fingers & touches wood*, I'll still be able to hand in the essay plan and get feedback on that. ^_^

It's Steve's b*day today so he and Lianne are out with his parents - Steph was still in though, but she went out a couple of hours ago and I managed to knock some words out then. Am bored now though, and I'm out tonight so I think I'm going to take a break and watch something - which I actually haven't done for a while now...

I don't know how tonight's gonna be now.

Me, Steph and Justine are going to La Tasca - tapas bar - for dinner, and it sounds a bit expensive for me at the mo, but I guess I'll splurge 'cause it's meant to be really good & I won't go out for dinner for a while after this. Plus, I think we're all going to order 3 or so tapas dishes and then just share the bill & the food equally. Steph thinks it'll only be about £12 each, and that's including a jug of sangria.

We were meant to be going to Vodka Revolution's opening night - it is still on tonight, but they'd ran out of tickets, so the tickets they sent us are for saturday night instead.

Steph can't do saturday though 'cause she's at work, so we're not postponing tonight.

Steph still wants to get pissed tonight though, so we're going bar-hopping after dinner, which will make a dent in both my wallet & my brain cells no doubt.

Justine still wants to go to VR opening on saturday though, so I may have to go so I don't let her down - I'll only have the free stuff if I do though, I'm not spending money on another night out after I've been out the night before!

Steph was worried about how to handle Justine tonight though, 'cause the girl can go a bit...funny when she's had a bit to drink. :/

She does really random stuff & stops caring what kind of impression she gives people - so if someone says something to rub her the wrong way she will say something back.

Also, the last time I was out with her and she got drunk she tried to climb the closed door of a nightclub, then later on in a bid to prove she wasn't that drunk and could still walk in a straight line, she decided it was a good idea to frog-leap a bollard.

Which she managed! But then she tottered one step and keeled over.

I think she only acts like that when drunk 'cause she doesn't drink often & she's also a rather controlled person - v.organised & v.responsible. So I think the fact that she can let her hair down sends her a bit loopy.

Still, I agree with Steph that it makes her a bit hard to handle. On Steph's b*day Justine pole-danced 'round a banister and ripped her jeans. :s

Anyway, we're not leaving 'til 7ish for La Tasca, so I'm going to watch something for an hour or so, then I'll do a bit more work - try to get another 500 or so words out of me - and then I'll get ready!


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