Apr. 26th, 2007

skysha_tranqui: (Yuki Kyou Speech --> pic from phrixus_)
I think I'm semi-in-love with that teacher. ^_____^ He's so nice & really helpful; unlike my stupid superviser.

Anyway I'm feeling so much better about my essay now - good thing I went to see him too 'cause somehow I've got a slightly different essay title to what it actually is; meaning I was taking the wrong slant on it.

Also he nearly keeled over in shock when I told him I'd already written 2 of my essays (conversation & the educational department one). He told me to slow down actually, said most students feel good if they get even one essay written by the end of this term, and yet I'm aiming to have all 4 done!

I'm still going to try and have this one finished by the end of this weekend, but I'll go back and re-work/edit it when it comes to submitting time, and I'll probably do the New Media & Soc one afterall - have more time to screw it up and redo it now.


Got up at 7am today so could be on campus by 9am. :/ Am feeling a mite like a working-person.

Oh well, got a fiver for it so it's all good.

Got another experiment at 11:30 so I'm killing time at the mo.^^

Then it's lunch & lib w/apple, and then another experiment at 1:30pm. Then home for the day & essay.

Oh, and going to a BBQ tonight at Sam's; should be good.


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