May. 1st, 2007

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I'm either a)still a bit drunk b)hungover c)just getting over the last of my hangover. Not sure which.

Feeling better than I was a min or so ago, but it can be deceptive like that sometimes.

Anyway, was out last night & I actually had a good time which was surprising!

Got to be on campus for 10:30 though so I'm already up, showered, breakfast-ed (well, half a piece of toast; couldn't manage the rest) & dressed.

Oh, have also put a load of laundry in to wash but will have to leave it in the machine all day 'cause I'm not back 'til 5:30.

Meeting Sian & poss Bunny for lunch today which should be nice, though I'm going to be a bit late meeting them 'cause I'm in an experiment first.

Out again tonight for lil' Steph's v.belated b*day party. Not gonna drink much or go on to the club though 'cause I've got a 9:15 seminar tomorrow & something tells me I won't make it in on time if I do.


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