May. 3rd, 2007

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Well I don't think that went v.well. I kinda got a bit nervous & so made a stupid mistake in my IT test/job interview today...

I was on campus a few hours early 'cause I had a psych experiment & then I bumped into Sukriti and we had lunch together again - with her 2 other friends whose names I can't remember now. Anyway! Afterwards Sukriti offered to teach me how to use excel, 'cause she had to stay on campus for a Doctor's appointment.

So we went to a comp room & she showed me how to use excel, including the different signs used in the formulas.

My actual IT test though was a game of "spot-the-mistakes".

I knew it was too easy, I knew it!

I even knew one of the mistakes I hadn't caught - too many digits in a postcode - but 'cause I didn't know the area I thought it might be something specific to that region. :s

Personally I find that a bit acceptable, 'cause I already knew I was crap at geography & places, so I'm not too surprised I got that wrong.

What I am a mite bit annoyed with myself about is the fact that my other two mistakes were made 'cause I was too stupid to scroll across. So I missed looking at half the form, which if I had done I'd've caught the other two mistakes easy (that was that Mr and Mrs was missing off of some of the names but on others).

I did get a chance to explain my mistakes to Susie afterwards, but I think I probably came off as incredibly ditzy & dim.

Oh well, she knows what I'm like from when I worked for her before, so I guess now it's up to her previous knowledge of me - and what the other apply-ees are like - as to whether or not I get the job. I'll find out on wed either way. :s


Laura's b*day party is tomorrow & we're going to Castle Howard for the day - I bowed out of the Pizza Express in the evening & I think they knew it was due to money 'cause they didn't ask for an excuse.

I'm going to have to get up really early though, 'cause I need to get into town before we leave.

We're meeting at yani & co's at 11, and leaving at 11:15, and I've only just registered that I haven't bought Laura a present yet. 0_0

Her actual b*day isn't 'til saturday, but I won't see her then 'cause my parents are up, so I should give it to her tomorrow...

I'll probably walk in so I can save money - plus I don't know when the buses start running - which means getting up even earlier. *sigh*

On a plus side! I've just pumiced&pepperminted my feet so I feel rather relaxed & mildly pampered now.^^


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