May. 6th, 2007

skysha_tranqui: (Yuki Kyou Speech --> pic from phrixus_)
First of all; Good Luck to all those who have exams and revision still!

Really sucky, but hopefully it'll all be finished soon & you guys will have done well & can relax for a loo~ng time! ^_^

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Was meant to be going to the pub quiz tonight with Steph and Justine, and maybe some others, but I think I'm gonna stay in and watch Grey's Anatomy & try'n'do some work given I've been slacking on the essay front for a week now. :s Naughty me!

My Japanese exam's been moved back a week, so instead of having my listening on monday I'm having it the week after, along with my written exam. A relief for this week, but it means next week's gonna be double-ey hard. :/


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