Jun. 4th, 2007

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Got up at 7am today. Ouch. Had to be on-campus for 9 though, so would've had to leave at 8:30, and I needed a shower which can take me up to half an hour if I'm not careful (no clock in bathroom means I have no-way of knowing, so I tend to play it safe & assume it'll be 30mins), and then there's getting dressed, make-upped, pack my bag, put together something for lunch...blah blah - it takes me a long time alright?!

*cough* Anyway.

Ended up getting on campus a bit late - didn't leave 'til nearly quarter to & ended up walking in with Jess & Simon again. They were walking really slowly 'cause they didn't have to be in for a while yet, but they wanted to do some last min revision before Simon's exam that afternoon.

I wasn't too late though & the Vision crew were happy to see me anyway (none of the other 'proof-readers' bother turning up, or doing any actual proof-reading, so far as I can tell!). They'd pulled an all-nighter, which made me feel quite guilty for not hanging about that long y*day.

There's really not that much proof-reading to do though, and I would help out with the other stuff but 'til I know what I'm doing I'd just be getting in their way - and asking to be taught what to do while they're rushing to make deadline doesn't seem like the best timing to me.

I might ask Lucy about it this week if I see her though.

Anyway, despite not having much to actually do I didn't leave 'til 12:15 - problem with proof-reading is that it's very bitty. I basically sat there & every now & then someone would finishe a piece & print it off for me to look over. I felt like some kind of pet! ^_^

I then toddled off to the library to do some quick work before meeting with my presentation group at 1.

Made a few more notes & read over what I already had to see if there was any kind of sense forming yet. Then I went back outside to eat something & bumped into Kate. She stayed outside with me while I was eating, then Rebecca came & I suggested they go and get a table while I finished eating.

When I went back in I couldn't find them though! So frustrating!

Eventually I just sat down and got back to work myself, & that was when they found *me* & told me they'd talked over what they were doing & were happy & were going to grab some lunch! -_- *not impressed*

Was also annoyed 'cause Eirin & Yen didn't turn up!

It was a complete reversal of the previous meeting, where Kate & Rebecca couldn't make it - and in both meetings I didn't get anything helpful out of it!

Then I had to pack up and run to my lecture. Arrived a bit late, but the lecturer was late too & held the door open for me & a couple other stragglers.

It was bloody boiling in that room though! All the curtains were shut so I couldn't tell if the windows were open or not, but there was no air in that room & it was incredibly stuffy. I spent the whole lecture (which was a really boring/pointless video with two men sat talking about Heidegger's view of Hermeneutics) fanning myself with the class handouts & sleeping. Saw at least two other people with their eyes closed for a long period of time. :)

Then trekked downstairs to our seminar, but the lecturer decided it was too hot (who's he kidding, it was nice'n'breezy in that room compared to the lecture room!), and suggested we sit outside. In the duck poop.

Found a nice bench by the lake, and the rest of us plopped down 'round his feet like he was some kind of granddad storyteller. I sat on the pavement to avoid the poop, but was also kind of behind him, so he suggested we sit on the bench with him instead.

I went first with the presentation, and he didn't look impressed. Rebecca wasn't impressed either, 'cause I'd apparently said what her presentation also said - not my fault given we didn't get to go over it all together as a group. Still, the lecturer seemed to like hers more than mine. *pouts*

Then Yen went & basically read her page of notes, but again he seemed to like hers more. Then Kate went, and despite the fact hers was only a paragraph, containing *one* point (and I know this 'cause she showed it to me right beforehand), he seemed to like hers the best - spent ages chatting to her about it (she was on his left so those of us on his right couldn't hear thanks to the breeze & his quiet voice).

And Eirin didn't even do hers!! He didn't pay attention when those of us doing the presentation raised our hands & then when it came to moving on to the next presentation he asked "so does anyone else have anything to say?". Which is hardly demanding the next person to speak - so she didn't!

So that was a big fat waste of time, not to mention frustrating, boring & just inducing general teeth-grinding feelings.

I rang up Scholastic & asked who I had to write to about possible work experience, so I'm writing that letter tonight & hopefully sending it off tomorrow.

Also have to pick up my educational studies essay mark tomorrow, buy a ticket to the sociology BBQ this thurs - otherwise J will never speak to me again - meet the others for coffee before our lecture, & attend said lecture. And I should probably get some books out the lib for my New Media & Soc essay which I think I *am* going to write now. :s

Still, I don't have a 9:15 tomorrow, so I think I might just get to sleep in a bit! ^____^

Kat's just download the next couple of eps of Fantasy Couple - hope this means I can now watch some more!

In the meantime I'm going to watch a bit more Dal Ja's Spring (a break before writing my WE letter *g*) - soooo good right now! Read more... )*bounces*


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