Jun. 6th, 2007

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Ugh, I've encountered the problem with living with boys - albeit my actual housemate's boyfriends. They smell.

Lianne & Steve were out last night & this morning the house smells like it!

Was a bit embarrassing in my 9:15 today, 'cause my stomach kept rumbling. The only way I know to quiet it is to either let it do its things, or to hit it. It was quite loud though, so I decided to hit it, but I kind of found it funny...as I'm wont to do in inappropriate situations (i.e. like the seminar in my first year where I started laughing 'cause everyone was blatantly still asleep...and the teacher thought that meant I had something to say), and so I was kinda smiling/chuckling as I did it. And the teacher noticed.

Luckily she realised what was happening & asked me if I was hungry, to which I said yes & apologised. Was alright though; got a laugh out of everyone & I didn't go too red.

Hen was sat next to me & she could hear it earlier & tried to help by offering me a bit of chocolate - the smell kind of made me more hungry though, so my stomach rumbled more. :/

Anyway, I survived & I'm back home now & full after eating a bowl of peaches, banana & yoghurt - oh, and an apple, but that wasn't in with the rest of it. ^_^

I'm meeting Fuzzles in town at 1 & we're getting coffee/muffins(possibly). I might also try to do some job-hunting, despite my lack of luck on the previous occasions I've tried it in town. And at 4 I'm meant to be getting my tattoo done, but I might pull out if I don't like the design (which I haven't seen yet, so v.real possibility I won't like it). Have promised myself this is the last tattoo though - otherwise I'll be slipping into addiction-area & I refuse to be addicted to anything (yes, Steph, even tv shows!) - so it'll have to be really nice for me to get it. I figure if I got it anyway then I'd be getting it as a fix for the slight tattoo/piercings-kink I've got, and that's not a good enough reason to have something permanently etched onto your body. (well, for me anyway, I know other people feel differently)

So yeah, that's at 4, and then I'm going out tonight with my sociology friends - we're going 'round Dymph's house for pimms beforehand, which I hope will get me drunk enough I won't need to buy anything when I'm at the club. Should be a good night I hope, and I don't have anything tomorrow so I might have another lie-in...or, and I should probably do this instead, I'll start on my next presentation/essay.

Oh yeah, and I'm trying to avoid Steph at the moment - and Lianne to a lesser degree - which seems to be working quite well, as she's doing extra shifts at work now she doesn't have lessons to attend.


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