Jun. 10th, 2007

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I'm in a better mood today - Steph went to Chloe's last night so I didn't have to see her past that bit in my room, Lianne didn't come back 'til I was in bed (same time Steph got back actually), but Jess was in so I got to catch up with her!

Typical isn't it? The one housemate I really like & get on with is the one who's leaving soon!

Was nice though; Simon was at work so Jess stayed downstairs and chatted to me while I had my dinner. ^_^ They're going house-hunting in Leeds on tuesday... T_T

Anyway, then Jess went to a party & I had house to myself - so of course I fell asleep on computer again! Slept through 'til 12 though, so I managed to miss seeing Steph before she left to go to the beach. Did just bump into Lianne in kitchen but it was alright. I think it's easier with her 'cause she doesn't expect us to be 'close', whereas Steph does - mainly 'cause she used me to keep her company & talk to when Lianne was seeing a lot of Steve.

Other news I forgot to update y*day: I got back my Educational Studies essay last week Read more... ), applied for summer work experience at Scholastic back home Read more... ), also heard back from Blackwells & they didn't have space Read more... ).

Lil' Steph bought me a can of lobster for my b*day & I think I'm gonna try and do it with stuffed peppers. Never done stuffed peppers before so should be interesting...

So I'm gonna have to run 'round co-op quick & then get back to New Media & Soc essay. Bleurgh.


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