Jun. 12th, 2007

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I feel like absolute shit.

Think I just had a full-on migraine - the symptoms match wiki in any case; headache originating from one side of head (my left), sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, nausea, and oh-yeah, the unbearable full-on head pain which left me curled on my bed crying & trying not to throw up.


Not sure what's wrong with me now though, I've got shivers & I'm aching all over - might be a cold or a bit of flu I guess; only time I can remember feeling this bad was when I had that throwing-up thing (think that was last term now).

Not really surprised I had such a bad headache, given I've been having quite a few recently - though none as bad as this one - am surprised at how quickly it escalated though.

I was fine this morning, overslept by an hour like normal, but was fine. Felt a bit sick at lunchtime, but figured that was 'cause I hadn't eaten yet, so I had a shower & put some laundry in the machine. Then felt v.v.ill & had to go and curl up on my bed. Couldn't bring myself to have some aspro 'cause thought I'd throw it up, but eventually it calmed enough that I could eat a yoghurt. Then I got the migraine - Lianne's music started doing my head in, I could feel it pulsing through the arm & pillow I had covering my ears (and this is through 2 doors & a corridor as well!), & then we had a sudden downpour of rain outside too... :( It was v.bad.

Feeling much better now actually, than I did when I started typing, but still a bit shivery & achey. I'm wrapped up in my jumper & with my comfort socks on, and no-way in hell am I going to try walking on to campus for my lecture at 4:15.

Given I don't know what triggers my headaches I'm a bit wary of doing anything - not going to do any work 'cause I don't know how long I can stay on the computer for (given everyone seems to think that would be the key trigger with me), and I'm not going to putter 'round the house, 'cause I don't particularly want to collapse and have to go to hospital again.

Think I'm going to try to eat a banana now & maybe do some drawing or get some sleep.


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