Jun. 22nd, 2007

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This is the longest day. :s

Got up early (still slept in half an hour by accident), got ready, ate, then headed off for campus. In the rain. Didn't take my bag with me 'cause knew would get drenched, so I put my library card, keys & phone in my pockets instead. Kept thinking I should maybe turn back, but then knew I'd still end up soaked, only having accomplished nothing, so I carried on.

Went to Wentworth first to see about making an appointment to see my Supervisor - who, of course, doesn't have a signup sheet outside his door, so not only don't I know when he's doing the meetings, but I won't get a chance to sign up 'cause I leave tomorrow.

So I went to the comp room & emailed him, asking when the meetings are, and then asked him what kind of grades I need to aim for my essays to be in order to get a high 2:1 overall.

I then toddled off to Vanbrugh & the Vision office - there were 4 pages printed out for me to proof, so I did then, then one of the sports writers arrived & we chatted a bit before I left, leaving the key card in her care.

What I didn't do was go to the library in the end - a)I don't know yet which books I'll need (I generally do it by browsing the relevant sections), and b)I didn't have anything to put them in, so they'd get water damaged on the way home. Something I hate.

Instead I meandered home (drenched, cold & with my flat shoes giving me a blister again - damn them!), popped 'round the bakers for a danish pastry, then settled in with a cup of tea to watch the end of Home and Away & House.

My Contested Sexualities teacher emailed back her comments on my essay plan/brainstorm - she liked it! I hadn't got the definition of heterosexism right, but given that was just my initial thoughts on what it meant that doesn't matter, s'long as I put a proper definition in the actual essay it's fine. She liked my heterosexual-angle though, and for each of my idea she said stuff like "interesting idea". So I'm quite pleased! She also gave me some suggestions of books/articles to look up to back up my ideas - the most useful teacher so far I think!

(Shame she's rather intimidating in person & uses anecdotal teaching methods - I probably would've liked it a lot better if she was more detached about it)

Anyway, that led me to the online library facility, where I looked up some books to check they hadn't all been taken out - and I "requested" one of the ones which are out, which means that student won't be able to renew it on monday so they have it for the whole of summer (hah! foiling their plans!). I think it's quite good that we're not allowed to take the books for the whole summer if they've got requests on them - helps those of us who are staying here the whole summer. It does mean I'm going to have to check the computer over the weekend to make sure the other books I need don't vanish though.

Am now rather bored though. I want a baileys, but it's too early. I've just had a v.late lunch 'cause I wasn't hungry. And I want to go to bed so I can go home tomorrow, but it's too early... *whi~ine*

Going to watch more Veronica Mars I think. ^_^
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Mum's managed to get me an appointment for the hairdresser's on tuesday back home, but I don't know what I want done!!

Here's the most recent pic I can find of me & my hair - 'tis a disaster at the mo!:Read more... )

Oh, and the point of this post... - I'd really appreciate some advice! What do you guys think, based on the pictures? Thanks in advance!


On another note, I'm all packed ready for tomorrow & going to go to bed soon (yay!), so then I can read fanfiction for another couple of hours before going to sleep... ^_~


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