Jun. 30th, 2007

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I'm a bit hungover today, which translates as I was very drunk last night. Ironically enough I didn't go out last night - I stayed in with Steph! lol

It was really fun too, which was surprising - think that's prob 'cause she's stopped being mean to me & I'm making an effort to play nice again. In any case we stayed in, rented 2 films (The Holiday & The Transporter 2), had two buckets of popcorn & a box of cheap white wine...which we managed to polish off between us.

We had a drunken race to the toilet on our first loo break, and on our second I discovered there was loo roll in the upstairs bathroom so the first race wasn't actually needed...lol

We kept dropping popcorn everywhere as well, which was hilariously funny in our drunken states - I kept dropping it on the floor b/c it bounced off my stomach, and Steph kept dropping it on her front so I kept pointing at her & laughing.

Steve & Lianne got back just as I was going to bed, so they were witness to my terrible confusion over who I needed to ring today & the figures for our current phone & internet bills (we're going to try to change to something cheaper). :)

The Holiday is the best film I've seen in a long time - it's really realistic in terms of relationships & how people act in them. So of course me and Steph were swearing at the men when they were bastards & trying to coach the women in how they should & shouldn't react...

Transporter 2 was crap. There was basically nothing to the film & the action wasn't that great. Plus I was really disappointed 'cause Steph had assured me that Jason Statham takes his top off in every fight scene in the first film, so we were expecting that to happen in this one...and it didn't! :(

Got up quite early today so I wouldn't miss Jess & Simon leaving, and so I'd remember to eat breakfast. Feeling a bit hungover though so I wish I could've just stayed in bed. :/

Managed one thing of weetabix, but still not really liking squash - know it's the best thing to rehydrate me though!

Anyway, Simon left about an hour or so ago - I'm going to miss him! He gave me a hug & kissed top of my head. Awww. I know he's going to come back soon though 'cause he's left his bike with us for now.

Jess stayed a bit longer, waiting for her dad to pick up the rest of her stuff which wouldn't fit in Simon's stuffed car, but she's just gone as well. *cries*

I know I got on with Steph last night, but I really do prefer Jess & Simon's laid-back approach to living together - I'm going to miss them!!

We've already been invited to Leeds to stay with them of course & they have a standing invite to return and visit us. But, as I said to Steph, Lianne & Steve when they reminded me of that; "I know they're not far, but I'm too lazy to see them much".

It sounds like brutal honesty, which it is. And it's not just me - they've all promised to go to Leeds too & said we should do a house trip up there, but we also said we'd do lots of meals together & go out as a house when we all moved in together last year...and that only happened twice. Christmas & wednesday just gone when we had a farewell meal with Jess & Simon at The Garden of India restaurant. So I'm not exactly holding my breath to see Jess & Simon again - I'd be dead before we even got to the planning stage! Instead, I'm resigned to missing them. :(


I've got two jobs!!!!

I got the one with the early starts - 4am to make sandwiches for the shop - didn't have to do an interview & the guy's going to get in touch soon to give me my hours, once he figures out how he's going to split it between me & the other student who applied.

I also got Open Day Steward, which is a one-day thing this monday. I'm training for an hour tomorrow (1pm-2pm), and I get a free t-shirt & about £40 (rounded up) for the whole thing. Not really much money, but it'll pay off the mini shopping spree I did y*day when me & Steph went to Asda for a new shower curtain (95p so we got 2).

So I'll do monday and get that out the way, then start the sandwich job, see how that goes - hopefully I'll hear back from one of the other places I applied at, and then I might try to juggle two jobs. ^_^

Now I'm going to go & have a shower, then ring up BT & Orange, and then chill for the rest of the day.

I'm going 'round Justine's tonight - haven't seen her in weeks & she's going to London on sunday & working there 'til september. :s It's meant to be a binge-drinking thing to get through the tons of alcohol she has in her house, but I doubt I'll be up for much; esp 'cause I know I need to get up tomorrow.
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Had an email from Jesus today. Subject line: Just wanted to say I love you.


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