Jul. 4th, 2007

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My sister just crashed her car!!!!!

Luckily she's unharmed - not even any whiplash - but she's very shaken up & saying she doesn't want to drive again. :s

She was on her way to work & pulled out of a junction, didn't see a van, and it plowed into her side (the driver's side, making it even more scary for her!). She tried ringing dad, her boyfriend & work - work answered, and her boss came out in his car. Then she managed to get through to dad and he went to fetch her. Her boss offered to take her into work, but she was a bit of a state so dad brought her back home to sort out the insurance stuff & calm down a bit. He's going to take her in in a bit though.

Given our parents are going away on saturday for a week Katie has no idea how she's going to get into work. She'll have to try & get a lift off someone she works with I guess...dunno if they live near us or not though. :/

As I said, she was unharmed, and her car wasn't totaled, but it is undrivable at the moment - needs £500 repairs before she can use it again.

Katie & dad think the van was going too fast. She did check before pulling out but she didn't see it (and c'mon, how can you miss a van unless it's not there yet?!), and apparently there were skid marks on the road.

Still, she told the insurance company she'd be liable (is that right term?), so she'll take all the blame to save time & effort - plus they didn't have any proof about the van speeding, just supposition.

Anyway, I'm meant to be doing some essay work now, so I'd better take my bowl downstairs & then get this word document open. lil' Steph's coming 'round at 1pm, regardless of whether plumber's here then or not (he hasn't rang yet to say when he's coming).


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