Jul. 6th, 2007

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I'm so ridiculously addicted to LJ! lol It says something when 17 hours seems a long time to go without updating/being on it. :)

Given I've been so good about getting up since the end of term (generally around 8am each day, but never later than 9am), I've given myself a lie-in today. Didn't wake up 'til 9.30 & I haven't bothered to get dressed yet. Have had breakfast though, but haven't brushed my teeth after. Instead, I'm slobbing!^^

I broke the deadline I set myself - because of silly interruptions y*day like Sam & mum, eating, and talking to my 'rents on the phone, I didn't get any solid time to do my essay in. I did do a bit, but that was mainly checking over the extracts & re-formatting the essay itself. So today I'm not going to bother with library, but I'm going to re-write the essay from my bed. ^_^ Apparently quotes are counted in the word count (unless they're like a paragraph long, which mine aren't), so I need to cut down my work...and make it better at the same time. :s Should be interesting.

My parents are probably halfway to Italy by now - mumkin was having trouble packing last night, whereas dad hadn't even started throwing stuff in the bag!

Right, I'm going to do some more dossing & probably start working on essay after lunch...*sigh* 'M so lazy!


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