Jul. 7th, 2007

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Had another 9:30 lie-in today, but I've worked out that I need to get up at 7 tomorrow to last-min sort the house out & check bus holiday times etc.

Y*day I did some of my essay (finally), but no-where near enough (who here isn't surprised?). My oh-so-brilliant plan to not go to the library & instead just knuckle down with the work...?

Yeah, it wasn't so brilliant. Turned out that I do need the books to make it a better essay, so while I did re-word & cut out some bits, I didn't do that much 'cause I had to wait for the books. :s

Watched Beauty & The Beast last night & then discovered H2O Just Add Water (think mermaid version of Home & Away and you'll be getting close) - wonderful in a v.cheesy way, but that's exactly what I was in the mood for. Plus, I still really want to be a mermaid! ^_^

Today I went to the library first thing & got 6 books out - 3 or 4 on Consciousness, and the others on Conversation Analysis. Then I watched the Thomas Crown affair at lunch, 'cause had been expecting House to be on & was disappointed it wasn't...so I replaced it with something good!^^ lol

Have just about finished packing my suitcase - it's just stuffed with library books right now, with a few articles of clothing [I'm going to abandon at home] to pad it out. I'm also taking a rucksack with me, and that has a folder, more books (these are just normal ones though, but again I'm going to leave them at home), a couple of used disposable cameras & my makeup.

I'm not going to take my laptop home with me - a decision I'll probably regret - but I'm going to take my large USB, which I've stuffed full of essays & the remainder of the Mars cdrama.

Not really looking forward to going home at the moment. I really need to do this work, so it's going to be pretty much like it is up here - me, alone in the house, trying to do work. Only thing is that I won't be able to get as distracted as I do up here, 'cause I won't have my laptop & the downstairs comp is so crap I'll probably only be able to stand it for the Word document. :/

So I guess this could be a good thing - and will prob see friends a couple of times (well, given this is us, and I'm broke so won't be going to the cinema or anything...I'd say I'll probably see them once) - but it feels wrong to be going home so soon. Was only just there about 2 weeks ago!

~ I'm so bad! I started writing this an hour or so ago! (and no, I'm not just an incredibly slow typer - I got sidetracked by watching more H2O Just Add Water!!!)

That show is beginning to make me want to take diving lessons - if only I weren't scared of the sea, and get really itchy after being in salt water (and chlorine, but that's less relevant to this wish). :(

Right! Well, now that I'm back on track (thanks you horrible fair user policy!), I think I'm going to go and proper doss, once I've 'properly' posted this! ^_^


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