Jul. 18th, 2007

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Already got problems with our grad trip!

I went into town today to talk to the travel agent, and the first thing she said was "the whole point of a 'round the world ticket, is that you go round the world".

So we can't return home from Hong Kong, which was our original plan. Instead we'd have to at least add a stopover in LA for it to qualify as a 'round world ticket.

Secondly, the ticket schedule will only be made available in October (apparently it's done 10 months before your return date), so she couldn't tell us whether or not they'd be able to fly us to those countries on the dates we specified.

And, here's the big sticking point. While the other woman quoted us £1,200 for a 'round world ticket, this one informed us that the countries we have in our list wouldn't be included in the £1,200 ticket. Instead we'd have to get a ticket with a different company (which makes use of lots of different airlines), which would cost a minimum of £2,000.

Which makes sense, and I get why it's so awkward, but it's too expensive!

So I raced 'round to Yani's & told her what I'd found out. She fed me. And now we're looking at alternatives.

She's got a friend who did a trip - not 'round the world, but lots of different places - and the company she used are apparently quite flexible & cheap, so she's asking her friend for any details she might have on them.

We may have to go for the £1,200 ticket & just redo our trip plans completely. I'm guessing that one would only be doing popular destinations...which isn't what we really wanted.

Anyway, I left Yani's at 3 and have just finished making a massive batch of chilli con carne, so that I'll have something I can just heat up when I get in tomorrow afternoon/night.

Yani & Lil' Steph are going to meet me outside my work at 8am tomorrow, and hopefully we'll be in time to get the 8:08 coach together - if not then we're going to get a coffee somewhere & while away an hour 'til the next one.

I'm quite nervous about tomorrow now. Going to bed at 7:30 today, I figure I should be alright even if I can't get to sleep for an hour or so. Then I'm getting up at 2:45 - 15 mins to get dressed & make-upped, then another 15 to eat and do any other getting ready stuff. Should be out of the house by 3:15, which leaves me 45mins to walk into town.

I could probably do it quicker but I don't want to arrive all hot'n'sweaty & this way I know I should def be on time. Plus I always end up faffing about when I'm nervous about something, or know I have to be somewhere important. :)

It is a bit annoying though 'cause I'll have to go to bed almost as soon as I get back tomorrow, in order to be able to get up at the same time on friday. So that'll be another wasted day when I should have done some essay work. :/

I'm going to have to knuckle down next week - hopefully my training will be over after these two days, and then I'll just be working the weekends, so I should be able to get work done. Esp' once Yani & lil' Steph go home (I can do any hol research I need to do on my own - felt a bit unproductive at Yani's today - 2 people, 1 laptop...doesn't really work).

Bugger it's 6 now! Right, I need to go and force some dinner down my throat, then shower, then curl up in bed & read a bit, then sleep.^^


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