Jul. 22nd, 2007

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Today was an actual complete free day! I didn't set an alarm at all today, but I woke up at 4:30 anyway, and then again at 7:30. Managed to go back to sleep each time, but woke up completely at 9:30 & figured that was a reasonably lazy enough time for me to stay awake.

Didn't bother getting dressed today though. When dad came y*day we painted the bathroom (parts of the original stuff had gotten damp & flaked off, so we had to re-paint whole thing, and we made sure to use water-resistant paint), and to do that we took down the shower curtain pole so we could cover up the nasty marks it'd left on the wall. Dad said there was no point me putting it back up & getting more nasty marks again 'cause we're getting a shower screen fitted this week. Bought the screen y*day & I'm going to ring the plumber tomorrow to see when he can fit it for us.

~ Quite bad; I've done a Torchwood marathon today & I'm now thinking in a welsh accent. *bli~inks*

So yeah I spent today slobbing in bed - did get dressed eventually, but then got right back on my bed - and watching Torchwood. Steph got her dad to record it for me & I spotted the dvds in her room the other day when I was using my exercise ball (before anyone gets impressed that is the only time I've used it since I received it and got it out to test!), and then I figured I may as well watch them...

Been a bit restrained though - had a break at dinner time to make a stir-fry and watch the end of Titanic, and then a bit of BB... - so I've still got 3 eps left to watch. ^_^

Steph's coming up tomorrow night & staying for a few days, she didn't say how many though. I'm not really looking forward to it tbh, 'cause I wanted to do some essay work. I'm not working again 'til wed, but I'm doing wed, thurs, fri & sat, so really I'll only have monday & tuesday to get any uni work done in. And if it's anything like this last week then I'll definitely need the sunday to recover again.

My feet are v.blistery, and I actually conked out last night from exhaustion - didn't even have that normal thing with the sloooow blinks of the eyes as you fight to stay awake. Literally one min I was reading a ff, the next it was 4:30 & my comp was still on. :/

Plus there's the fact that the bathroom painting led to a mini cleaning spree. :)

I did the upstairs bathroom, the downstairs one (which Steph offered to be in charge of cleaing 'cause she basically treats it like her own en-suite - and yet which was a mass pile of cobwebs'n'dust, and the cleaning spray was even out of date & smelt rank when I tried to use it), and the kitchen.

The hallway's still pretty clean from my last blitz, but the kitchen bin will need sterilising when I take out the next bin bag.

Anyway, I just know that as soon as Steph gets back it's going to be messy again.

Not in a she-excretes-black-dripping-goo-everywhere-she-goes kinda way (which would be uber gross), but in a she-isn't-very-good-at-cleaning-up-after-herself-and-she-leaves-her-stuff-spread-out-all-over-the-place kinda way. Not as bad, but annoying to me and my Bree-like tendencies.

Funny thing this weekend: My sis said she'd try to come up with dad & see me, but on the actual day she txt'd saying she'd overslept. Apparently her version of 'trying' was to not set an alarm, figuring that she'd automatically wake up the time she normally does for work. Imagine her shock when she didn't! lol Not really bothered - I know she hates getting up uber early to travel, which is what my dad insists upon when visiting me, and I know she'd've been bored out of her mind with a day of B&Q-faring & painting.

My plan tomorrow is to;
1) Get a bath
2) Watch more Torchwood (I'm a huge fan of Jack Harkness now!!! Ooh & Lanto - or is that Ianto? - either way I ♥ them!!)
3) Essaying

And now I'm off to STAY UP LATE!!! ^____^ So exciting!


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