Jul. 26th, 2007

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Slept fine again last night - actually woke up at 1:30 today, worried I'd overslept, but when I saw the time I went back to sleep again.

Walk in today went really quickly again & I ended up half an hour early again. :s So tomorrow I'm going to wake up at quarter to 3 instead, and see what time I get in if I leave the house at quarter past - if that's still too quick then I might be able to delay my wake-up time even further. :)

Good thing I was in town as early as I was today though - I scared a bike thief off from stealing a bike!

I was just walking through the town center & saw a bicyclist ahead so I kept an eye on them in case they were drunk/chavs/combination of both & therefore a potential danger to me. To begin with I just assumed he was cycling weirdly to amuse himself, but then as I got closer I saw him yanking on a chained up bike, trying to force the lock to give.

Soon as he saw me he turned and biked off.

Only then did I think to get a photo on my camera, but he'd already left. I took a pic of the bike he was trying to steal though & carried on to work - hoping he'd ride past me ('cause I went down a diff street & he'd have to pass it if he turned the same way I did), but he didn't. So either he was v.fast, or he went the opposite way.

Given I was so early I did a loop 'round by the train station again & as I was doing that I rang the police & explained what had happened. The phone man was nice & took down my description of thief (which wasn't v.good, and mainly focused on the thief's jacket), where it happened, what happened & how long ago. He also took down my details & then assured me he'd inform the police in the area (he also asked me which way I thought the thief had gone).

Was on a bit of a high from scaring the thief off, so this morning passed in a pleasant blur. Chris teased me non-stop; saying I was an undercover policewoman, spent my spare time patrolling the streets for crime, and had the normal police on speed dial.

I was talking with Jane while Chris was delivering sandwiches & I thought I heard my phone, so I said to her "hang on a minute" and went into the washing up kitchen - it wasn't, but then when I came back Jane was looking really scared. She'd thought I'd heard someone breaking in or something, the way I just stopped what I was doing & left the room! lol

Caught the bus home in time to see Steph off & I left the house again with her. I remembered to change my bags - so I had the one I'd packed for campus last night (needed various cards for the library & my passport to photocopy for my Starbucks application form), but I didn't remember to put some money in the bag.

I realised this when I was practically at the university, and then I checked my bag & discovered that the flip cap top on my bottle of water had come open when I'd shoved it in my bag, so everything was wet!

So I had to turn around and come home, then once back here I had to basically turn around and go back to uni again! :/

In the end I accomplished what I set out to do; photocopied passport, printed off copies of my CV, got a book on essay writing out of the library & topped up my printing credit.

And now that all that's updated I'm going to fill out these application forms, and then I'm going to do some essaying. Have decided that it's all very well me working my butt off for money, but if I can't learn to juggle work & uni work then there's no way I can trust myself to have a proper part-time job during term time. Especially 'cause I'll also have 2 language courses, and my newspaper proofreading to juggle as well this year.


Oh yeah & I got my mum to ring me last night - we're now going to share the laptop as Katie's b*day pressie (though is still going to be her main xmas pressie from me too) & I'm also going to get train tickets to pop down during the week her b*day's in. Need money too much to ask for time off from work for her 'party' (she's going clubbing for it & invited me along), but at the same time I want to see her & give her the pressie. Mum said she'll pay for my train ticket.^^


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