Aug. 21st, 2007

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Still feeling bit lonely. :'(

Must just be time for another emotional dip.

Got up at 8:30, had my breakfast (keep stealing someone's cornflakes, which is quite naughty & I'll have to buy them another box to make up for it), then figured I'd give myself an hour of internet before getting up.

Hour's pretty much up - read some Rusty/Linus fic (my new fav pairing, of which there is sadly few fics), messed about with my icons, checked my emails, checked fb, had a call from Jane (she's looking at a house near here and got hopelessly lost - but I don't know the direction she came from v.well so I was no help!), and now I'm just all lonely and bored again. :/

Hour's up, so now I'm going to go shower, dress, run and get some milk for tomorrow, and then knuckle down to essaying.
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Okay, this is the last update for the day - I swear!

I'm feeling lots better now; primarily 'cause I had a phonecall this afternoon (literally just after I'd popped 'round co-op for some milk, and thus I left my phone here!). And now I've got a job interview tomorrow!!!

It's for Starbucks, which is a bit daunting 'cause I've applied there before and never had a response - last time I did two applications though, and then lil' Steph dropped them in for me, and I guess I didn't hear back from them 'cause they hired someone else, but now they need people again & gave me a ring! Pretty unexpected I'll tell ya.

I'm trying not to think 'oh they won't hire me', and I'm also trying not to think how I'll juggle working at Hartley's as well as Starbucks during term time. I'm just going to give the interview my best shot! XD

I'm up at 2am tomorrow. Need to be in for work a bit earlier 'cause Jane told me we're going to have about 100 more sandwiches to make than normal, and I'm doing them with Sandra...who is kinda slow. I'm not saying I'm fast or anything, but if you put two diligent (but not people together, it kinda makes it go slower. :s

So I figure I'd better go in and get stuff rolling. With any luck I can get 24 out the way before she gets in, but I'll only have half an hour to do it in so I might be being a bit optimistic there.

In any case Jane's also warned me that both Sandra and Jean (never worked with Jean, but have met her a few times) get into a tizzy easily, so I need to try to get the shop ready before Jean gets there so she doesn't panic, and I also need to make sure Sandra isn't too relaxed with the time, and yet doesn't get panicked either. 'Twill be interesting!

Will try to hang about a bit and do my banking stuff, but then I'm going home & showering, I'll try to squidge some more essaying in too (managed 500 words today which I'm v.proud of!), but I'll also get ready for my interview. It's not 'til 3pm, but I don't want to smell like the shop or be too nervous.

I figure that'll last 1/2hr-1hr, so by time I get home I'll probably have just enough time to eat before falling into bed ready for thursday.

Y'know I think there definitely is a correlation between me not doing anything & me getting depressed and lonely. At least when there's no one about for me to talk to!


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