Aug. 23rd, 2007

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Okay I'm beginning to get seriously annoyed now. I've put in 3 hours unpaid overtime already, and Chris has only been gone 2 days (technically only 1, but he wasn't meant to be in & only came in for a bit so I'm still counting that)!

I went in a whole hour early today - got up at 1:50am - I spent 10 minutes going through the list of sandwiches and working out the fastest, most efficient, way to get them done. I then spent another 10-15 minutes doing some extra prep work so the first batch of sandwiches could be done uber fast (BLT's and Bacon & brie 'cause they're the fiddliest and had the largest quantity to make). So I cut up tomatoes and brie in preparation. Then I started making the BLT's, like I did y*day.

Sandra meandered in at 4am - which is when we're meant to start, but I'd already been there for an hour by that point.

She actually helped me finish the BLT's today though, which I took to be a v.good sign.

This was then immediately dashed when I showed her my list of the order we should do the sandwiches in (I'd even done a timeline to show how long each section should take us, and when we should have finished it by). Which she waved to the side. "Oh, no, we'll just do them as they come".

She completely denies that we were slow the other day, and is blaming our late-ness entirely on the printer breaking down & us trying to fix it.

It was a factor, but I do think it was also just a case of us being too slow!

So today I organised the sandwiches by quantity (largest first), whether they were on the delivery list too, and then lumped them together in categories.

e.g. We had mustard chicken on the delivery list, and it was for 14, we also had to do 10 for the shop. There was also mexican chicken and chicken & bacon to be done as well. I think it came to 60-something in total. So I put these as second after BLT's and Bacon & Brie.

It wasn't just the way she dismissed my list that p-ed me off though - it was that she wasn't following any order at all! My list actually followed the delivery sheets quite closely, so she should have been quite near to it anyway. And yet she wasn't at all. The order of the sandwiches was all over the place, meaning it was quite hard to keep track of what I was doing next.

And then she randomly asked me to do egg & bacon, and I asked if we were doing all of the eggs then, to which she said no, so I said I'd rather wait then & do them all together - that way it'll be easier to keep the boards clean. She laughed, told me to stop being awkward and just do it.

I kept asking her if we'd done extra for the lunch (given neither of us remembered it y*day), and I also asked how we were doing on time a few times. At one of which she said "shit, we need to get a move on".

Miraculously the lunch and the delivery were finished on time. Leaving me straggling behind 'cause she assigned me the task of doing the shop sandwiches again - of which there are a LOT more than the lunch ones (which she was doing) - so when Jean got in I was stuck on chicken (which was my bloody 2nd in the list!).

Sandra was done & perfectly content with our performance, so she chatted with Jean a while, then left to do deliveries and go home. Meanwhile, Jean helped me finish the chicken, then started setting up for the customers. I quickly started doing the ciabattas, but only managed to do the houmous before Jane arrived at 8.

I felt really bad - the ciabattas were meant to be done by 8, but they'd only just been started. So I stayed on for another hour, doing the ciabattas with Jane and helping make bacon sandwiches, so they wouldn't be overrun with tasks to do and panicking.

Even with my help it was a bit hectic - primarily 'cause the counters were set up for soup, and there was almost no space to make the ciabattas in - not and do the bacon sandwiches.

Eventually they were done, and I helped Jane make the ones which would be toasted later as well.

Then Jean made us all a bacon sandwich and we sat and ate, and had a cup of tea when there was a lull in customers. Earlier Jean'd had to run to the bakers to get some emergency loaves for the shop & she bought some cream doughnuts as well, so we had them as a treat too. ^_^

They both thanks me for staying on & helping - which felt nice, but tbh it was my responsibility to get those ciabatta done; just got to figure out how to make Sandra go fast enough that I have time to do those as well. :/

Anyway, then I went shopping for black trousers & shirt for Starbucks.

~ Had interview y*day at 3pm, and she said she wanted me to come in for a OJE, which is where they put me behind the counter to watch what other people do & help out with some tasks, and see how I do. I need to wear something 'uniformey' apparently.

Got some from Dorothy Perkins, which Jean suggested I try. They weren't cheap, but they're really nice - esp' considering how hard I find it to get trousers which fit me. They're a little long though, so I bought some needle and thread as well.

Then I popped back to Hartley's & showed them both. Also to pick up my free meal deal and steal a few bananas which were going to be chucked out. Then I helped Jane carry the lunch out to an office 'round the corner, after which I caught the bus home & now here I am.

Meal deal: Ham, cheese & pickle sandwich, fruit pot (melon, strawberry & yoghurt - absolutely gorgeous!), Alpen bar, and a can of Sprite. And 4 'rescued' bananas.

This in exchange for my help this morning. So I did quite well out of it, but I really do need to leave earlier tomorrow. I need to hem my trousers, but more importantly, I need to do essay work.

I should be doing it now really, but I've been up since 2am, on my feet since 3am (longer if you count the walking into town), and feel a little bit dead.

I also need to shower, eat dinner, and get ready for bed at 5, and all I want is a few more hours in the day to relax in!

I don't know if I dare risk going in for 4am tomorrow, or if I should go in an hour early again. Might as well go in an hour early - even if the bread hasn't come yet I'm sure there'll be prep work I can do (Jane said she'd do some for me at the end of today, but I'm not sure how much she'll do).

Okay, now I'm going to try to get at least an hour of essay done - at this rate I won't meet my target of finishing by sunday! *cries*


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