Aug. 24th, 2007

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Sarah is rather tired right now. :(

Today was faster - in that me & Sandra had about 16 sandwiches less to make (the delivery had one type less today).

I still hadn't finished the mexican chicken by the time Jean got in at 7am though. I had gotten farther than y*day, but I'm still not happy - stayed on extra half hour today again.

Didn't want to stay any longer than that today 'cause today is when they get tons of bacon sandwich orders phoned through & even the half hour I stayed on for was a bit higgledy piggledy - think it would have just messed things up & been confusing if I'd stayed. Too many people behind counter. I made sure they only had the prawn ciabatta left to do before I left though.

Think Jane thought I felt underappreciated though - which isn't true - I was just really quiet & a bit moody 'cause I'm so tired. Got in an hour early again today - no point really, all I did was faff about, go to the loo, wait for bread dude to arrive, and slice some brie ready for the sandwiches. Would've done more tomatoes as well, but really couldn't be arsed. Then once the bread dude arrived I started on the chicken and bacon sandwiches 'cause they were the largest quantity today - wanted them out the way without Sandra having a say in it! lol

Don't think I'm ever going to get finished on time while Chris is away - Jean pointed out today that we're basically a person short. She was talking about when the shop is open & they're serving customers, but it's true for the morning bit as well.

Thursday and friday I'm normally with Jane, and Chris comes in to pick up the delivery at 7am - still leaving me and Jane with an hour together to get the shop open & do the ciabatta.

At the moment though it's me and Sandra 'til 7am, then Sandra goes to do the delivery. Leaving me alone to do the ciabatta. And given I'm still finishing off sandwiches for the shop ('cause Sandra stops making them once the delivery & any lunches are made, then goes upstairs to print off labels for the next day), no wonder I'm always behind!

Tomorrow should be better though 'cause I'm normally on my own on saturday, and I only have to do the delivery sandwiches. Sandra will pick them up, but in theory I should have them done by 6am, and then I've got 2 hours to clean up. So I'll be a lot more relaxed I think.

Saying that, Sandra does want me to do some bacon ready for monday's sandwiches - the shop's closed monday so I'm not doing the prep on sunday like normal, but she still needs to make the sandwiches for delivery (she's doing them on her own, I'm just going in whenever I want to do the prep - I'll probably make sure she has enough lettuce etc on saturday though, otherwise I'll feel mean).

I've managed to get a bit more essay done today - worked for about an hour (excluding the time I spent drifting blankly in space), and managed about 800 words. Only another 1,000 or so before the essay's done, so I'm giving myself a break 'til 1pm. Then I think I'll work for another hour, then I'll have a biiiig lunch/early dinner & hem my new trousers ready for tomorrow. And then I'll either try to do more work (depending on my word count/what time it is), then shower, grab some toast & banana, then bed. Soon be over!

Okay, hour and a half break - I'm going to relax! XD


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