Aug. 28th, 2007

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Sarah is v.tired.

Was up at 2:30. Really couldn't be arsed to get in an hour early to make sure we finished on time - just fed up with that, esp' as Sandra puts in so little effort herself. Still, she said y*day that we had more sandwiches to do today so she was going to go in I figured half an hour early would be needed.

She didn't turn up 'til about 10 mins after me though - her idea of coming in early isn't the same as mine!

Anyway, we actually got finished early today, so I was just starting the ciabatta's when Jean arrived. ^_^

Jane came in early to get her mind off her b*friend - which kinda didn't work. She was just so upset & blatantly just wanted to be in bed, having a good ol' cry.

I felt a bit bad that I'm not feeling too bad about this divorce thing anymore. (think I've properly repressed it now, so it's going to be awful when I go home) :/

Even though wasn't feeling too bad, still not v.happy - just couldn't be arsed this morning, and I didn't really want to talk to anyone. Tried to just ignore customers & get through my ciabattas (thank god I'm not till trained in the shop!).

Despite being early I still didn't finish on time, but then I hung about a bit longer & had a bacon sandwich and cup of tea with Jean & Jane.

Then I caught the bus home, figuring I'd try to do my essay 'til going to Starbucks.

Well, I didn't get in 'til 9:50, then I had to change into my pjs (my clothes smell, and there was no point putting fresh ones on 'cos I'm going to have a shower in an hour, so I'm nice'n'fresh for Starbucks), and that led to getting into bed to keep warm. So by the time my laptop was on it was 10ish. And then I had to try and look up some tax information online...

Anyway, then it was half past, so I figured I had an hour and a half, but then I started falling asleep - while sat upright - so then I told myself off. And then I relented and told myself if I worked 'til 11, then I could have an hour rest before getting ready to leave.

So I've just been reading one of the books for my essay & made a couple of notes. I kept falling asleep though, so I know if I keep reading I'm going to be a complete zombie by the time I have to go = not a good impression. Think I'll take the book in with me though - can try to read more on the bus, and hope I don't get travel sick. :s

I've got to shower at 12, and that should leave me 1/2 hr-1 hr to get lunch, then I need to leave house at 1:15/1:20 to wait for the bus so I get there just before 2pm.

Not sure how long it's going to last. From what she said I should just be filling out health and safety forms, bank forms, etc. I'm not trained at all so I can't do any of the actual shop stuff yet, but she might get me started on the training book today. It shouldn't be too hard, whatever it is, I'm just worried about how long it'll take 'cause she asked me if I had the afternoon free as she didn't know how long I'd be there. But I really need to be home by 5 so I can start getting ready for bed.

Earlier would be nice though - could try more essaying then!

In any case I'm not going to start my actual shifts this week - even if she asks me to I'm going to say I can't. So aside from working in the mornings I'm going to devote each day to essay. Everything else can go to hell right now. :p

It's amazing how fast time goes when it's not taken up by a lecture or seminar.

Work passes so fast, and doing nothing on the internet also goes so fast. So how do classes manage to drag so much?

I'm nearly down to just half an hour break now, so I'm going to go again before I run out of time!


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