Sep. 2nd, 2007

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In the end I didn't go to the leaving do last night - I'd set myself on going, but then as I was waiting for it to be time to leave I realised I just felt too tired & was in a not-willing-to-act-happy kind of mood, so probably wouldn't have made the best company anyway. :/

Instead I had an evening of chilling, where I just watched a couple of snippets of tv, then an episode of kdrama Rude Woman, and then I went to bed.

Got up at 7am today - a more reasonable time, but I got pretty much the same number of hours as I normally do, so didn't feel particularly rested. Was at work 9am-1pm, then I met lil' Steph in town (she got back in York y*day) and we got a drink at Starbucks (she did the discount though, 'cause apparently mine isn't activated for other store usage yet - I think I have to wait to receive a card or something).

Then I dragged her shopping with me for plain black work shirts. Found some in H&M, for £10, and we both got some. Unfortunately though I got size 12 - which I fit in normal t-shirts & strap tops, but apparently I'm too busty for them in shirt form; a fact I forgot. :s

Only realised that when I got home though, so I'll have to take them back tomorrow & see if they've got them a size up.

After H&M we went to Sainsbury's & I did some general food shopping while lil' Steph looked for household cleaning sprays - she couldn't find one, but ended up buying stuff for her dinner tonight.

I finally got 'round to buying some mince, so I'm defrosting a pitta bread at the mo & I'm going to make myself some mince with either spaghetti sauce or chilli mix (haven't decided which), and do a sort of sloppy joe thing. I'm really looking forward to it! :)

By the time I got home it was 5, and I just grabbed some melon & nectarine to tie me over 'til dinner.

I know I should really do some essaying - esp' since I didn't do any y*day & I'm a bit worried about the marks I'll get thanks to me foolishly looking up what's needed to get which grade (looks impossible) - but this is pretty much my only day off.

I'm at Starbucks tomorrow (1-5), and I'll need to get into town around 12pm if I'm going to get the shirts changed first.

I figure I'll get up early tomorrow, get showering etc out the way quickly, then just essay until I have to leave for work.

Tuesday is a proper day off for me - so that's gonna be essaying non-stop. Then I'm at Hartley's wed, thurs, fri, sat & sun. I'm at Starbucks on saturday as well (3:30-7:30), and given how late I finish then I might have to nap in the middle. And sunday I'm catching the train home straight from work.

Oh yeah, and Justine's b*day is on sunday, but she's not back in York 'til saturday, and I leave on I've got to go to hers after Starbucks to 'celebrate'. It's only me, Dymph & Justine who are going to be there, so I think it's going to be more like dinner & maybe some kind of alcohol, which should be quite nice, but I'll be knackered. ~Actually, might make more sense to just stay there the night - shorter walk into town the next day & I'll have to leave their's earlier to sleep longer if I don't stay over. Hmm...might ask if I can do that!

Anyway, I've set myself the deadline of the end of this week to have got my current 3 essays completely done & tidied away - I should be able to manage it, as long as I get the Contested Sexualities one done by the end of tuesday. That's the one with the most work to be done, and then I'll focus on Consciousness after that, which shouldn't take longer than a day (so wed, when I'm only working 4am-8am), and if I do the editing of my Conversation piece tomorrow, then that'll be out of the way quickly.

And then I can see lil' Steph again on thursday before I leave for the week! XD

Definitely want to get them finished though - hate having them hanging over my head all the time; think I'll feel a lot better about working so much if I know my other work is taken care of.

So I'm going to watch a bit more of Rude Woman Read more... ), then I'll do dinner and get to bed early so I'm ready for tomorrow!


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