Sep. 7th, 2007

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To top off a terrible couple of weeks I have decided I'm not going onto campus to print off the essays I've finished, nor am I going to make a great effort to write more on my Consciousness essay (which I think I said I was going to do y*day...didn't do it at all!). So :p!

I just absolutely can't be arsed/don't give a ****!

Tomorrow is going to be absolutely awful, and I'm dreading every minute - even the b*day meal at the end of the day 'cause I know I won't get to sleep early & yet I've got to be up at 5am at the latest. :s So I'm probably going to be stressing about that through the meal/evening & trying to appear like I'm not so I don't ruin my friend's 21st.

This morning wasn't too bad. I almost didn't bother going into work though 'cause I just didn't see the point. In the end I did manage to drag myself though, and Chris was quite effusive with appreciation over what I was doing (well, for him anyway). So he congratulated me on starting the sandwiches before he got there (a fact I think he's beginning to take for granted), didn't complain about how I did any of them, and then congratulated me on my speediness when he returned from delivery.
~ He only said it here though 'cause we had lots of sandwiches to make for lunches today, so when he left I had 5 types of sandwiches still needing making, which is a ridiculous amount & he didn't think I'd get any finished. I'd got through 2 types by the time he got back though, and I'd also started putting boards through the wash.

Catherine didn't come in this morning - too late notice for her, but she's going to start training on monday apparently.

Scary-ish nice guy didn't arrive 'til Chris had returned - not sure if deliberate or not, but I was really happy 'cause I already had so much to do, him popping in early was the last thing I'd need.

He said "hi sexy" to Chris though, and then said "oh, wait, that's not you" - trying to joke, but it was just so awkward and guuuuuh!

But then Chris started nudging me - before he was even out the shop! - and then afterwards he said "you could do a lot worse than him you know" and "looks like there's a spark there", and lots of other stuff along a similar line. :/

And apparently Jane's told Chris she's planning on matchmaking me - what is with northerners?!! Since I've come to uni everyone keeps saying they want to play matchmaker for me!

So now I'm worrying Chris will tell Jane about the shop-guy, and (yes, I'm stupid, I blushed when Chris kept going on about it) they'll think I like him. And I really don't. :(

I meant to hang about in town afterwards, 'til the shops opened, then buy some shirts for work, buy a b*day pressie for tomorrow night, and put last week's wages in the bank, before rushing back here, grabbing my stuff & going to campus.

Jean messed up how many yoghurt pots to make though, so we had a lot of fruit & some greek yoghurt which was just going to have to be thrown out. So I kindly said I'd have it. ^_^

I didn't want to leave the yoghurt out of the fridge for too long, and these were two big hefty tubs I was I just got the bus & went home.

Anyway, I'm now currently having my strawberries & melon with greek yoghurt - it's gorgeous! A mega version of the fruit pots the shop does! :) And then I was trying to figure out the most time-effective things to do today.

I'm meeting lil' Steph later - she finishes work at 2:30 - so I could do some essaying here, then go to campus at 1ish, do the printing/editing, then meet her at her house or something.

But then I started thinking about the point in getting it all printed off - and there isn't any.

I've emailed the most recent drafts to myself already, so if my computer breaks again *crosses fingers & touches wood* I already have it safe somewhere else, and it's not like the deadline is anytime soon. It's almost a month away still.

So I figure I might as well wait 'til I'm back home, then do it on the home computer - for free.

I've only got 2 library books for my Consciousness essay, so I think I will take them home with me - can do bits in the evening when I'm not painting my room.

And when I get back there's still 3-4 weeks before the deadline (which is on 15th October, at 4pm), with only 1 essay to write (and it's already got bits from a previous essay which can be sewn into it) - so having one left to edit won't be hard.

I'm rolling my eyes at my own ability to procrastinate/make excuses, but I figure I might as well enjoy this morning/afternoon while I can.

I'm not sure about getting a car anymore.

I spoke to mum on the phone earlier this week & asked to be put on her insurance for the week I'm back home - idea being I'd practice driving in her car, and hopefully have my own by the end of the week.

First off she doesn't think I'll find one that quickly - not as cheap as I want anyway - and then secondly she was saying I won't be able to drive it up to York by myself, or at all, for quite a while. When I asked why, she explained that I wouldn't be ready for the motorway; a week's driving just won't be enough to build up my confidence so I can do it.

Both of which are valid points. :/

If I can't get the car soon, then the reason of wanting it so I can drive to work in the morning isn't as relevant, as I'm only planning on working there 'til xmas - and I am capable of walking it like I have been, so there's no need for a car if it's for that short a period of time.

And my other main reason for getting a car was so I could journey home & see my family more, now that they're split - if I can't tackle the motorway, then I'd just be using the car to get around York...and aside from the early morning bit I think the bus is both more environmentally friendly, but it's cheaper as well.

Aside from those two reasons, the only reason I wanted a car...was 'cause I wanted one. *shrug*

And if it's just going to be based off of my materialistic urges, then I think it's a waste of money. Particularly as I'll be travelling for so long - I'll either be turning it into a black hole for money, or I'll have to sell it, both of which seems a waste.

I haven't told the 'rents yet though - figure I might as well brush up on my driving while I'm home anyway, and I'm not sure I really want to tell them why I wanted to get a car so much...didn't want to make it into a divorce-issue, but rather one of those "well, I've got a car, so I figured I might as well use it & come visit more often"...

I'm also reconsidering my career choices again.

I know I'm going to the publishing house next week, but I'm wondering if I should aim for a higher-paying job, in which case I'd look at law opportunities - on the, probably untrue, premise that they pay better.

Guess that means more research for me, and then a talk with my dad if he's at the house next week.

Right! The stuff I've abandoned today - still seeing lil' Steph, I'll just get her to come here, and hope she won't mind when I kick her out at 4:30/5ish to go to bed. Essays will get printed/worked on when I'm back home. Shirts for work will have to wait 'til either tomorrow or when I'm back home (I need new jeans as most of mine are getting holes in, so I thought I might try to skank some clothes shopping money while I'm back home). B*day pressie will absolutely have to be tomorrow (I'm giving it to her that night!), after sandwich work, but before Starbucks.

Don't know what I'm going to do on sunday. I'll have my travel bag in the shop with me, my train leaves at 11:20, I won't have time to go home & shower, I'm going to stink!

Not even because I'll be sweating a lot - though probably that too, as sunday is hard-ass cleaning day - but because I have to cook the onions & peppers. You'd think that would be a nice smell, but when in large quantities, it really isn't.

And then 2 hours on the train... *groans* This isn't going to be fun!

Ergo, day off today. I really shouldn't, but I just want to relax for a bit...


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