Sep. 15th, 2007

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Today hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. I only got 5 hours sleep last night in the end (stayed up 'til 7pm in end - stupid good fanfiction which is rather long...*guilty look*), but I got up at my usual time today (2am) and had time for a shower, so was all nice-smelling for both works! ^_^

I walked in quite slowly too & I still arrived half an hour early, which is good - meant I got the sandwiches done in time, despite dawdling over them too. For some reason I just didn't want to do anything fast today!

Did quite a bit of cleaning as well - more than normal - 'cause the place was quite messy. Chris left a note saying they'd been busy that week & let it slide a he requested a "Sarah clean"; not sure if that's good or not! lol

Starbucks was good today as well. I got in half an hour early & had a muffin & chai tea latte while waiting. My second breakfast of the day, and I guess my lunch break. :)

I didn't do much book-reading today; instead it was split equally - so I did 2 hours of that (and a coffee tasting - by myself though, so I found it hard to think of things to write about it - and ground some COW for them), and then the other 2 hours were spent with me 'shadowing' Claire behind the bar.

Well, that's what she asked me to do anyway, but then she had to go somewhere - so I had to shadow another girl instead, but I was also kinda in charge of the cold drinks section, so I had to keep going and making those drinks.

I shadowed Bronte a bit as well (how cool a name is that? Apparently she hates it though), but again I kept getting given cold drink orders.

The cold drinks aren't hard to make, but I haven't memorised all the recipes yet & I'm also still learning all the shorthand codes...and it was lunch hour by this time, so I got a bit swamped. At one point I had 2 people 'helping' me. One actually made a drink & served it, the other one fluffed about & added things to a jug but then wandered off...and then I knocked over 2 of the drinks I'd just made, and ugh! Went a bit pear-shaped. :/

It was quite fun though & they were all quite keen to help me out when I was stuck, and they just laughed when I did things wrong & told me not to worry - saturday lunchtime is their peak time so they knew they were throwing me in the deep end by putting me in charge of a station. It's the only real way to get a feel for things though, so I'm really glad they did - given I didn't have a clue what I was doing, I figure it can only get better! *g*

I have a semi-problem though. Chris asked me if I'd be able to work extra shifts next week - Sandra's still off from an operation on her leg, and Jane wants tuesday off 'cause it's her b*friend's (yup, they're still together and 'starting anew') b*day on monday, and I guess they're going out that night.

So Chris wants me to work monday, tuesday - and then my normal shifts of thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. :s

I'm starbucks-ing friday and saturday, but the times are such that I can do both...

If I don't do tuesday then Jane can't have it off - there'd be no-one to do it with Chris. Chris wants me to do monday with Jane, 'cause then he can have the morning off (and he's having a mini trip with his family this weekend, which he didn't want to spoil by having monday immediately back at work).

I guess I could do monday & tuesday, then get one of my regular days off to try and break the week up a bit work-wise...I'm just not sure whether it's worth it, or if I should just work it all & get lots of money.

Oh well, I've got 'til tomorrow to think it over - said I'd txt him when I knew what I could do, but I managed to get my Starbucks schedule today.

Was going to meet up with Justine & Dymph tomorrow night, but I've been thinking how much easier & nicer it would be to do Hartley's after Starbucks tomorrow - in which case I'd be getting to J's 7pmish - and if I do work on monday (which I'm thinking I probably will, 'cause I'm a sucker & really want money), then I'd only be able to stay an hour max...and even then I wouldn't really be getting enough sleep. :/

So I'm going to be shitty and cancel on them - even though I was the one trying to organise it! lol

It's money though. And now I'm thinking seriously about becoming a lawyer (for the money), I'll almost definitely have to do some kind of course after uni, so I need to start saving for that as well if I can.

Why is it always money?

Anyway, I'm not getting up 'til 7am tomorrow, and because I'm actually feeling rather awake for once, I think I'm going to do some research on the aforementioned lawyer-ey career, and then chill a bit probably 'cause this is still me here. ^_^


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