Sep. 16th, 2007

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Woohooo! Lazy day today - not starting 'til 10, don't have to get bus for another hour! ^_^

I had a surprise last night. Steph came back - and for good this time, not a flying visit! She didn't txt me in advance 'cause she wanted it to be a surprise. She was lucky that today's my lazy day, otherwise I'd've been asleep by time she got in!

It was nice to see her, but it annoyed me a bit 'cause all I wanted to do was relax - have a nice dinner at a normal dinner time, watch some kdrama, maybe some Heroes when being repeated on tv, and try to stay awake. So the whole catch-up chatting thing - while good - kinda replaced all that (except for the meal bit!).

By time she got to bringing her stuff in from the car & sorting that out in her room, it was already gone 8. I was too knackered to bother watching tv then, so I just got in bed & read some fanfic. And then my eyes kept doing the sliding-shut thing, so I ended up going to sleep about 9:30...

So I feel rather dehydrated & hungover today - and groggy. :/

It was kinda nice to wake up and have someone else also awake & getting ready for work though.

Not seeing Justine and Dymph anymore tonight. Steph wanted to go to the pub quiz, and she normally goes with Justine so I invited those 2 as well - instead of the original plan of me going 'round theirs - but I found a reply from J this morning saying they were both working (at that time of day?) and v.skint (understandable, but so am I & just 'cause I said we were thinking of having dinner there too, doesn't mean you have to if you don't want to).

So I'm a bit annoyed with that - mainly 'cause last weekend I made such an effort to be there for her b*day, and I know that's a special occasion, but even so I'd've been knackered seeing them tonight as well, and yet they can't come to the pub for an hour or so? *exasperated*

I told Steph before she left & she was nice about it - said I could still go over to theirs like planned if I wanted. But that's so mean! It's her first night back & I'm actually able to do something with her, going off would just be wilful abandonment!

I've talked her out of the pub thing though - I was a bit iffy about the money bit as well, but unlike J & Dymph I realised I didn't have to buy anything if I didn't want to; not even a drink! - and instead we're going to stay in and watch Farscape. And I've promised to cook something to eat. :)

Meant to go grocery shopping today, but Steph said Sainsbury's will be closed by 5pm, and I won't finish work 'til 6:30 at the latest - and apparently the grill at work is being v.slow, so I doubt I'll be finished by then either. I could go to the market after Starbucks I guess, get some veg...or possibly Budgens - that's en route to Hartley's anyway - and then store it in the fridges there. Hmm, me thinks I have the beginnings of a plan!

Right, I'm off to relax for half an hour, then I'd better finish getting ready & go get bus. ^_^


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