Sep. 17th, 2007

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Right, well, re-thinking the career thing again. :/ Really wish I was one of those rare few who know all along what they want to do when they're older!

Anyway, still want a high paying job, but Law conversion courses are really expensive & a)I doubt I'm clever enough to learn it all in one year, esp if I have to work to support myself too, b)I'm not patient enough to do a 2-year part-time course, even if would stand more chance of understanding stuff. And finally, c)I really think it would probably be too boring for me.

I mean, once I knew everything I think I could do the job & probably enjoy it - but it's all the learning about the law to begin with that I think would send me lala; Sociology's bad enough, but I have a sneaking suspicion Law would be a tad dryer...

Last night me & Steph did some quizzes while I was doing dinner & then while she was drying up, and one of them was a career cluster quiz. That pointed me again in the direction of things like publishing, graphic designer, author, artist, musician, etc. So I think I'm going to have a look at what kind of jobs in that sector there actually are.

I know the publishing work experience was absolutely pointless & boring as hell, but maybe a different publishing company would be different...?

I already knew I wouldn't want to work for that particular company on the basis that they did books for young kids - and most of that was teaching resources. Oh, and they also do 3 different magazines - aimed at the same audience - which just isn't me.

I might have stuck the work experience out if I thought I'd get chance to quiz the people working there on general things like how to get into the profession in the first place - whether there were any courses I'd need to have under my belt etc. But all I was going to do was be given a task & then be left on my own to complete it - lonely as hell, utterly boring & basically pointless free labour which helps them, but does zero for me. So I figured I can just try to research things like entry requirements on my own, or go to the uni's career office again.

I'd love to become an author, or do something arts-ey - but I don't have any formal arts training, nor do I do well painting/drawing to order (I'm basically just good at copying original artwork - pretty, but probably illegal for a job). And the author thing...I could probably do it, but it takes so long to write a book (for me anyway), and then it's really hard to get a publisher, and meanwhile I wouldn't have another source of income & a really big university debt hanging over me.

Was thinking y*day about staying with Starbucks when I finish uni & then see what happens. I could write while working for them I guess...oh I don't know! If I do that then I have the concern that I'll never leave there, plus it just doesn't pay the kind of income I want or need to live off of. *frustrated*

Couldn't do things like graphics design either 'cause, again, I don't have the training, or even any raw ability like I do with writing & art.

Work was good y*day - Starbucks 10am-2pm, then I stopped by Budgen on my way to Hartley's and picked up some food for that night. Then I did Hartley's 3pm-7pm, and left in time to grab the 7:05 bus. Only to realise as it was pulling away that I left my bag of groceries in the fridge in the shop!

So I got home and begged a lift back in off Steph. :)

By time got back it must have been 8ish & I cooked up a quick tagliatelle with brocolli, sugar snap peas, red pepper, onion and bacon in a green pesto & creme fraiche sauce. Was gorgeous! ^_^

Steph did the washing up for us, which was such a relief after having to do the bacon grill things at Hartley's, then we did more quizzes, and around 10pm we went to her room & watched an episode of Farscape Season 2. So was a good evening, though lasted longer than I wanted.

Still, I read my fanfic for the night & got to sleep about 2:30am - then woke up at 7am today, but couldn't be arsed to get up 'til 8. Just had my breakfast & I can't be bothered with getting a shower or dressed today, so I'm still in bed, in my pj's!

Today's going to be a short day though - I'm covering for Jane tomorrow - so I need to get ready for bed at 5, earlier would be preferable though 'cause I'm determined to get 7 hours tonight.

I should be doing essay work (as usual), but I really don't want to, and right now I don't see the point. This degree isn't going to do anything for me in getting a career, and there's no way I can write a good enough essay to get a high 2:1, so I'm not going to get the mark I want out of my degree either. So I just really wish I could rewind 2 years and make my UCAS choices again, and do something completely different!

Steph was talking last night about going to the fruit & veg shop near the uni & stocking up on stuff, which seems a waste of time to me (she wants to walk, which will take about an hour to get there & back - not counting shopping time) - but at the same time I do really need to get food. I was planning on going to Sainsbury's on my way home tomorrow, but I need fruit for today as I didn't really have any y*day.

She doesn't want to go 'til 1pm though, so what I might do is veg & be all depressed 'til 12ish, then grab a shower, get dressed, try to get her to leave a bit earlier if I'm ready myself, power walk it, eat my big meal of the day, do an hour or so essay work, then get ready for bed. And if I'm not in bed by 5 then I'll just go straight to sleep whenever I do get in 'cause I'll have done my vegging for the day! *nods decisively*

It sounds crap, but it is a plan.


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