Sep. 18th, 2007

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Done Hartley's! To be fair I did it quite a few hours ago now, but then I went food shopping on my way home & ended up eating a bowl of peach with strawberry yoghurt...which required the final episode of Rude Woman (kdrama) to make it that bit more enjoyable, and so of course I haven't done anything else yet! ^_^

Was with Chris today, which wasn't too bad - though I still hate being left on my own while he does the delivery; makes it seem like so much more work! Luckily the scary-dude didn't come in at all today though, so I didn't get sidetracked.

Last night when I said good night to Steph (i.e. at 2pm 'cause I knew I wouldn't be coming back down before my bedtime at 5pm) we tried to figure out when we'd next see each other & it turns out it probably won't be 'til sunday!

She left for work at 8:30am today, and she doesn't finish 'til 6ishpm - I didn't get back home 'til 9:40am, and I'll be in bed by 5pm latest. And that's going to be the pattern 'til sunday. She's leaving later on either friday or saturday, can't remember which, but I'm staying in town after Hartley's for my Starbucks shifts. :)

This is probably a good thing though. I won't go into detail 'cause that's boring & confusing (unless you can see my neat little home-made calendar which is stuck on my wall), but I've scheduled all my essay writing, grocery shopping, bank stuff, etc. And if Steph was home when I am then I wouldn't get the stuff done.

Things In My Head Right Now:
1) The bank trouble at the moment - I'm not affected, but it doesn't make me trust other banks either really. Maybe the old method of hiding your money about your house/land is a better method?

2) Careers - Acting, publishing, script writer, novel writer, lawyer, gold digger...

3) Food, mmmmmm....

4) Korean actor Lee Ki-Woo Read more... ), who's absolutely gorgeous. And I've got to say extremely tall!

5) Firefly.

Rather a lot to juggle at once, which might explain why I never get anything done! lol

And thanks to my schedule I have today off as well now, so I'd better enjoy that before my bedtime creeps up on me again! ^_^


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