Sep. 22nd, 2007

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I survived y*day!! Woohoo, quite an achievement I feel! :)

Didn't get back home 'til 5pmish, and then I had to have food 'cause was starving & had been feeling sick since 3pm - so I cooked some pasta & heated up the leftover spaghetti from my thursday lunch/dinner.

Steph got back while I was washing up & I didn't really want to 'cause was knackered & still not feeling well, but I ended up staying downstairs a bit longer & chatting with her & ate a bowl of cereal 'cause was still hungry/sick-feeling. Kinda felt like I should given I've only seen her once this week & that was when I got out of bed in my 'sleep time' to go to the toilet. :p

Anyway, then I had a shower & made sure I knew what I needed to grab this morning & finally got to bed & asleep by 6:30...pretty damn fast of me!

Woke up at 1am, positive I'd overslept - then when I saw the time I thought I'd overslept by a day (think this was my sleepy brain being stupid, but I was just so sure I'd missed work!).

Got to work for 3:30am, had sandwiches all made by 5am, so then I ran 'round doing my saturday cleaning-up bit. Could have finished it by 6, but I dragged it out 'cause it's meant to take me 'til 8am. By 7:15 I'd had enough - it was all done, and unless I invented some new jobs there was nothing to do. I couldn't be arsed to wander about in town (where nothing's open 'til 9), killing time 'til my Starbucks shift, so I grabbed the bus & came home.

Now I have about an hour to kill - would say an hour & a half, but the past few days I've had to wait 30mins for a bus, and seen 3 going past the other side of the road before one comes my side! So even though I'll be leaving an hour early, I just don't trust the bus to turn up!

I know I'm working for longer today, so chances are I'll feel iller, but if I keep eating throughout the day I think I'll be alright. Y*day I had weetabix at 2:30amish, then 2 pieces of toast & a nectarine and strawberry yoghurt at 9am...then I didn't get chance to eat again 'til I got home at 5pm.

So today I've had 2 pieces of toast at 2:30amish, 2 greengages & a sandwich at 7:40amish. I've got another sandwich to take to work with me, I should get a break (10 mins) and a lunch (1 hour) today, I think, so I'm going to eat in both of those. And then I'll eat something when I get back at about 7pm.

Enough of the boring stuff!

Family trouble update:
Katie finished y*day's txting session by saying she wishes I was there. tbh that's probably the bit which made me cry the most. :(

So I'm going home! :)

...In a few weeks. And only for 2 days. That was the best I could do though & I'm gonna try to get Katie away from both of them as much as poss - just to give her a bit of a break from it all.

First day I'm back I've got a dentist appointment, which was my initial reason for going home, but then Katie asked me to a McFly concert on the next day. I might've said no, 'cause of the money stuff, but now there's no way I'm not going.

Haven't heard back from my dad at all. I replied to his 'brushing off' txt by saying "Well, Katie's at work crying, so I think it was a bit worse than that", and then that I was thinking about photography and graphic design as career options now, but that that would soon change again.

Wouldn't have sniped at him, but it was just the way he tried to play it down like that - why couldn't he just agree with me, grrr...

I was very stressed y*day though.

Jane was half an hour late to work. She told me she was coming in early 'cause we had a lunch to do, so I came in half an hour early. When she didn't come I txt'd her asking if she had been kidnapped (Chris said it was the nicest txt for that situation he'd ever heard of; I said if she had been kidnapped it might've made her kidnappers release her - but really that was me being pissed-off-sarcastic, which I guess doesn't translate well), to which she rang my mobile & said "I'm sooo sorry, I've only just woke up", in a very sleepy voice.

She got there quite fast, and I figured I wouldn't yell at her - I'd already managed to get one sandwich completed, and another one laid out & almost done, so it's not like we were behind by much. Plus she works tons more hours than I do, so it was bound to happen sooner or later.

She didn't seem to appreciate my niceness at all though. She spent the whole morning picking over every little thing - telling me I was doing things wrong, constantly questioning what I was doing (how many had I lain out for, had I labelled the lunch boxes 'cause we're not supposed to...), and I hadn't bloody made any mistakes!!

Then she said "We need to go faster" - her way of nicely saying 'you're going too slow', and I know this for a fact 'cause initially she started out saying "you", then switched it to "we". -_-

I was very unimpressed by that.

Yes, she apologised about 4 times for oversleeping so badly. I never once told her off, or asked for an apology, I just kept working. Then she had the gall to criticise everything I was doing - even when it wasn't frigging wrong, it was just her misunderstanding 'cause she was still f***ing asleep! *...growl*

Starbucks was better, but not by much.

I got to have a mini crash course on the coffee machine with one of the guys I like, which was fun & I got praised for picking it up quickly. Then I got shunted back to the book learning, only to find out that the next bit is for me to prepare a presentation on the different machines sold in the store, to the customers, - perform said presentation, and then do a demonstration on the machines.

I showed Claire and she said I could just do a tasting instead, but then she sent me back to the book to read through what I could 'cause she was busy with Liz. This was a bit weird 'cause when I went to speak to Claire downstairs Liz piped up that I should do the reading ahead bit, and she was patronising, as was Claire - normally they're really friendly, but y*day Claire seemed really rushed & like she didn't want to see me let alone talk to me, and Liz was just really patronising.

I'd noticed she was a bit before, but figured I am a newbie, so she has every right to be. Gavin and Sarah both think she's patronising too though - had a v.minor bitching sesh, which was basically us just agreeing, not v.emotively, that she is patronising.

So I ended up reading through to the end of the folder, filling in what I could, then I went down to Claire again (Liz was upstairs & yet Claire hadn't come to fetch me to do the tasting - turned out she had a leak downstairs which she was phoning for someone to come and fix), but it was my home time so I didn't have to do it afterall! :)

Not really looking forward to this shift though. :/

I like making the drinks - though I still don't know all the different kinds & am a bit worried about screwing up - and I don't mind the cleaning 'cause I'm used to it from Hartley's, but I am a bit fed up of all these tastings, and I really don't want to do a presentation to the customers about the different machines...

Still, Ross should be on today, and he said he'd go over Deployment with all us trainees, so that should take up an hour or so (hopefully) - plus he hopefully won't have been affected by the weird no-longer-all-that-friendly bug which seems to have hit Claire and Liz.

*sigh* Me no like all these stressing things! And now I have to go get ready to leave, have to be out of house by 9:15 latest!
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I'm actually not feeling that tired & only mildly nauseous (though I think that was from making far too big a dinner & then trying to make myself eat most of it :s).

Think it's 'cause of the Lucozade I had when in Hartley's & then the one I had when I got home at 6:30pm.

Starbucks was really good! I went through a bit of the book stuff I've done with my actual learning coach - Ross - and then I was manning the pastry case & panini I had to plate stuff up, or bag it, or heat it etc, depending on the orders at the till.

Then I got put on espresso bar. ^____^ Me like!

It's really hard when you get tons of orders at once & when you don't have enough milk steamed & when you get awkward orders like a Decaf Venti Mocha Macchiato with skimmed milk & almond syrup (never actually had one of these, but is possible...). Still, 'tis rather fun!

I was on there with Liz to begin with, then she shifted it so I was the main person & she was mostly keeping me supplied with steamed milk & passing the orders on. Then she had to go - her & Gavin ended up staying hours after their shift ended 'cause we were understaffed & uber-busy - so Gavin agreed to stay extra & keep an eye on me & Seb (another newbie, who was manning the cold beverage station - seems nice but is v.quiet). So I was mainly doing them myself then, with Gavin popping up every now & then & steaming milk or reminding me etc, and me sometimes popping over to him & asking how to make something.

I kept getting complimented on how I was doing as well - which is such a change from at Hartley's & gave me a real buzz! ^_^ It's amazing the difference hearing things like that can make!

Ross kept calling me a star Barista - said nevermind the core training, I was obviously ready to be one! (think he was joking about missing the book part out, but was nice to hear anyway) And then he pulled me aside towards the end when we were cooling down & complimented me properly & told me I was picking it up faster than Andy (the third newbie, who's been training for longer than me & putting in more hours as well). So I was well pleased! It made me go all bouncy! XD


On another note, I got Katie to ring me tonight (she wanted to, was just a case of setting up what time she should to get an answer), and I'm very unhappy with our parents now.

It's got to the point where Katie doesn't feel she can talk to people on the phone in the house, in case one of them hears her talking about the situation - she actually had to drive out of the house & park in front of a pub to ring me!

Also, mum's been giving her the silent treatment since that yelling at dad thing - it happened in the living room, then mum shut herself in the kitchen, and Katie just stood in the hallway...not knowing where to go & not knowing what to say.

Then the next day Katie was going out almost straight after getting in from work, but she stopped by dad's office-ey-room to show him the web page she's made for work & then she left straight after. So now, 'cause she didn't make an effort to see mum, wherever in the house she was, mum's decided that means Katie was taking dad's side & so she's upset/mad at Katie.

Katie ended up txt'g mum & saying "I wasn't taking sides, I was just telling him about my webpage & then I had to go to meet my friends", but mum didn't reply to that & is basically blanking her & making Katie feel awful.

And it's also at the point where if dad asks her to do anything/go anywhere with him she's not sure if she should, 'cause it would make mum feel she was favouring him. But if she turns him down & does something with mum instead, then she doesn't know how dad will feel or what he'll do on his she has to keep finding other things to occupy herself so she can safely turn them both down.

Well I'm fed up with them both - doubt dad's doing it deliberately, and I don't think mum can help it, but they are turning this into a tug-of-war for Katie's affection/support, and Katie just doesn't know what to do!

So when I go home for my visit, unless it's improved somehow, I'm going to sit them both down & tell them off. 'Cause this just isn't fair. She's still trying to deal with her own emotions about this, she doesn't need to be given the responsibility of looking after theirs as well.

I'm kind of hoping things will still be bad enough for me to do this, 'cause otherwise I think it's more likely in the future that it will become a tug-of-war situation - with one or the other jealous when me & Katie spend more time, or have more contact, with the other one - I'd rather do one big laying down the line of what behaviour me & Katie will tolerate from them & make it clear now.

And Grrr, I'm stressed again. Going to go and collapse in bed now.


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