Sep. 25th, 2007

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Y*day went really fast.

I wasn't due in 'til 11:30, but needed to buy a pressie for Lianne's b*day (she turned 21 while back home & then she came back to York on sunday), so I got bus at 9:30ish.

Got her some stuff from Lush (a massage bar, and then a soap thing for relaxing sore muscles - she's got a b*friend, and she's a dancer, so figured they'd both come in handy), and they smell really nice! I've hid them under my bed 'cause still need to get her something extra, but not sure what, and I could smell them last night as I was going to sleep. :)

I also popped into my bank & got one of my cards activated - stupidly threw away the letter before activating it when I first got it! And then I had a bit of time to go still so I went by Chocolate Heaven to see if Dymph was working. She was & she was all alone! Aww, so I chatted with her for a tiny bit & saw Maria when she ran in, said hi, then had to go again but said she'd return later on. *g*

Got in to work a bit early, as is my wont, and the seats on the ground floor were all full so I took my drink down to the office for the 10mins I had before logging in.

Ross was down there going over the shift schedules & looking a bit harried.

Then Liz came down a few mins later & they both basically had a mini meltdown over how shortstaffed our store is & how thin Claire (our store manager) has tried to spread everyone to cover it. Turns out she's asked the district manager for more people & repeatedly told him we're understaffed, but he can't afford to send us more people 'cause the other stores need everyone they've got. And considering there're 5 Starbucks in York alone...quite surprising.

That morning Liz rang 'round the stores asking if they could send anyone to us for that day, and they all said they couldn't spare anyone.

So it was me, Liz, Mauricio & Ross. Mauricio left at around 4-5, and I think Liz was meant to leave around then as well, but she stayed on 'til about 6pm. So it was me & Ross doing the closing, whereas last time I did a closing there was me, Gavin, Mauricio & Ross. :/

I'm not sure if y*day was fun or not tbh.

I got yelled at by a customer, poured boiling water over my hand, and slipped on a wet patch & landed on my previously bruised knee (which was still healing from before, but now kills again :s).

The only bit where I felt a bit harrassed was around the time that the customer yelled at me though.

They got me manning the bar on my own again, which I'm beginning to hate, 'cause I haven't been properly run through on all the drinks - and the ones I do know I'm worried I'm doing wrong 'cause I keep getting confused about the number of coffee shots and the number of syrup shots. The mocha and the macchiato's I've only been shown when I've been given an order & asked how to make them. So of course I follow the instructions but am too rushed to actually listen, and so I can't remember it next time either.

Which not only slows me down, 'cause then I'm asking each time I'm doing it, but it makes me feel stupid 'cause I'm not remembering it!

Anyway, the incident occurred 'cause I got an order for 2 grande cappuccino's to drink in the store. So I did the drinks, put them on the end of the bar & called them. No one came to collect them immediately.

Then I got an order through for 2 tall cappuccino's, which are the smaller size. So I did those drinks & as I was putting them on the bar an old-ish woman came up and asked if the grande's already on the bar were her drinks - I told her what they were & she said "oh, well they look too big to be mine" (but not in a nice way, in a 'you must've screwed up' kinda way - could tell even by this point that she wasn't satisfied).

So I asked her what she'd ordered - size-wise - but she didn't know the Starbucks sizes. A man got to the bar then & he was the one who'd ordered the two tall. So I said to the woman "well, did you order a small or a medium", and she said "small". So I didn't know if maybe the tall's were hers & the grande's the man's or something. So I asked him what he'd ordered & he was v.definite that he'd ordered tall. Because he was so definite I gave him his drinks & then to the woman I think I said something like "well, these are cappuccino's as well, but they're a bigger size - so you can have these or I can make you some fresh".

Important points to mention: I'd done a caramel macchiato prior to the grande cappuccino's which hadn't been claimed. I'd just come off my lunch break & been put straight on bar so wasn't in control yet. And lil' Steph had popped in to see me 'cause she'd just finished her own shift at a different store.

Right, well then I got distracted 'cause a ton of orders piled in & I'm not really sure what the woman did - I think she took the grande's, but I was just sure that she'd gone so I didn't have to worry about that anymore.

Had to tell the customers waiting at the end of the bar that there'd be a bit of a wait on their drinks 'cause we were understaffed & apologised for the delay.

Then stupid woman came back, waving her grande (half-drunk) under my face & complaining that there was "only half a drink" or something stupid.

Basically, what had happened was the drink had been sitting for a few mins, so the foam had become more foam-like, and then the woman had dumped a ton of cinnamon or something on top of it, which had sunk it a bit. Then I guess she'd drank a bit, and when she'd discovered it was half foam, decided I'd made the drink incorrectly. But cappuccino is half foam, half drink! And I did offer to make her a fresh one, even though it's not my fault she didn't collect it quicker or know what she'd bloody ordered!

I didn't know this at the time though - I saw the stuff on top, which wouldn't be on a cappuccino, and thought maybe she'd taken the caramel macchiato instead (nope, that disappeared 'cause I pulled it down when it had been sat there a while). I foolishly said that to her, and asked which one she took. Still trying to bloody figure out where this order had gone wrong!

Anyway, she didn't answer me, just left the mug & wandered back to her table & her husband, looking disgusted. So then he comes over, and thrusts his mug under my nose, which has also been perforated by chocolate or cinnamon (this is when I clued in that it wasn't a macchiato - given I knew I'd only made one of those). And then he just has a go at me.

Thing which got me was he wasn't even properly looking at me when he was having a go - yet he was saying some pretty personal things, about how incompetent I was & how it was the worst service he'd received in any Starbucks, all over the world. And then he demanded his money refunded.

Ross hadn't left me to deal with this entirely on my own - he kinda floated in and out in between dealing with the massive customer queue we had going, asking what was wrong but not really being able to fully help. He did confirm that the initial size of the order had been correct though - and then for the refund demand he darted to the till, got the money, gave it back (not sure if he did a service recovery voucher or not), but he didn't apologise to him, just went right back to the queue.

So I apologised, told him I honestly didn't know what had gone wrong with his order, and said that I hoped he had a better experience at Starbucks in the future.

I didn't take it personally - mainly 'cause I still didn't understand what had gone wrong. I'd done the drinks right, it just seemed to me that they didn't know what they wanted. Ross said to me a bit later when it was quieter again & I was off the bar, that they'd definitely asked for a medium (which is a grande, and what I made), and that they'd gone on about there only being half a drink, and it being caramel.

So they didn't know what a cappuccino was either, and then when complaining they took what I said - didn't listen properly - and ran with that as part of their complaint. Though given I'd gotten that bit wrong I highly doubt their drink tasted of caramel!

As far as I could tell I hadn't actually done anything wrong - it was just 'cause they were both in a foul mood to begin with, and weren't clear about...well, anything! That things got so messed up.

Still, I definitely think if I was more sure of my bar abilities (you know, if I'd actually been properly trained on it) that I'd've coped better.

It didn't really get me down - had too many customers for that - but it did make me more aware of how unsure I am when I'm making each drink. :/ So it did knock my confidence.

The learning bit for the bar was stupid though - they all said that the only way for me to learn is to throw me in the deep end. So, after observing for a bit, then having Gavin show me a cappuccino and a latte in a slower period, and then try them myself, I was then put on the bar. And when drinks I didn't know came up, I had to ask to be shown/told how to do it. So of course I can't remember! Grrr...

It was also stupid, in that I was meant to learn the tills before the bar, but I still haven't, despite doing the bar twice now.

So on thursday I'm meant to be doing the till, and I think I'm also going to ask if it's okay if I do a bit bar-learning. Either shadowing for a while, and helping someone else, or going through the different drink combos in the books.

I guess in retrospect it was a v.bad day, but at the time it was just so busy & all so fast, that none of it really had time to sink in.

Today is much nicer. My first full day off since last monday. ^_^ So I'm still in my pj's, in bed, and planning on staying here.

I've got to do essaying, but I don't think I'm going to start just yet...
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OMG I just d/led the coolest Widget!!!! XD It's a sticky note pad for my computer & is soooo shiny! ♥


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