Sep. 27th, 2007

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Weird morning today.

Oh, but first off my lil' bitching sesh of the day - Steph and Lianne kept bloody waking me up last night! Now, I don't want to tell them to go to bed early as well, or that no talking is allowed after a certain time - 'cause that would be silly - but they woke me up every hour after I got to sleep last night.

I'm not exaggerating! Sometimes it was more than once an hour - at one point it was 3 times in one hour!

Lianne got home at about 6pm last night, and then she kept yelling to Steph on her way to the bathroom, laughing loudly, talking to herself, talking to Steph, talking loudly on the bloody phone in the hallway... *death glares*

Steph wasn't as bad, but she laughed with Lianne quite a few times, and she answered the phone - which was Steve calling for Lianne - and talked loudly with him & then Lianne as she handed it over to her.

Normally I can sleep through anything, so it might've been because I wasn't yet deeply asleep when this all started up that I had such trouble with it - but c'mon! They both knew I was in bed, trying to sleep!

Steph is normally really considerate, but it's like 'cause Lianne was there too it didn't matter anymore - so it was twice as loud as just Steph being loud (which she's never done) would be!

I'm just going to not talk to them today - not hard, Lianne's still in bed, and Steph's already at work; and by time I get back from Starbucks I'll be going pretty much straight to bed.

If they do it again tonight though I'm definitely getting out of bed & telling them off - it was ridiculous how bad they were!

Right, and the weirdness...

...we've got a new guy working at Hartley's!

24 yr old chinese guy who's starting his phd in Computer Science at York uni this year.

He seems friendly enough, and he knows english really well - I miss Jane though! Honestly don't know what I'm going to talk about with this guy, and I hate that I have to try to be the 'in charge' one. It felt really awkward & odd when Chris went to make the deliveries & I was left bossing this poor guy around.

He seems fine at it, and once you set him a job he just carries on doing it - but he's v.slow, and while he's v.good at english it takes him a while to understand me (prob 'cause I'm talking too fast, but I'm never aware of that & I'd feel like I was talking down to him if I spoke deliberately slower...).

Just feels strange having someone new - hopefully it'll mean I can cut down to just the weekend like I'd planned - that way I'll be working on my own anyway, so it won't matter if he & I ever start working as well as me & Jane do.

I'm really cold & really want to go back to bed! Not starting Starbucks 'til 12, so I'm going to watch an ep of It Started With A Kiss (my new obsession, you can prob tell), then grab lunch while I can (I'm only working a 4 hour shift today so I'll only get a 10 min break, if any).


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