Oct. 5th, 2007

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Today turned out quite good! Was me, Jane & new guy (I've decided don't need to bother with his name in here, given I'll never be working with him again after today - yay!), and we got done in record time, despite all the extra sandwiches! ^_^

Plus I got to chat with Jane for a bit, which I've been missing!

We were meant to be going out together tomorrow night, but both of us cancelled on one another today! lol Not sure when we'll be able to meet up again, so doubly good that we worked together today.

Also, got paid again today, which is always nice...

And I managed to write some essay, so my final essay is about halfway done - and I've still got a week to finish & tweak it. This one's actually coming out quite well though, so I'm going to try to finish it by the end of this weekend, and then I'm thinking I'll use next week to tweak some of my other ones, 'cause I'm really not happy with them.

Dunno if I'll have time to update again this weekend, so figured I'd do it quickly now before I go to bed (well, got to read Dead Like Me fanfic for an hour first! *g*).

My schedule this weekend (so far):
4am-8am = Hartley's (this is a set time I have to do)
8am-12pm = in transit to uni/at uni library/transit home/at home essaying
1pm-2pm = lunch/getting ready for Starbucks shift
2pm-3pm = in transit to Starbucks/Sainsbury's for food
3pm-7pm = Starbucks

4am-8am = Hartley's (possibly this time, otherwise will have to do my 4 hours after my Starbucks shift, and wouldn't finish work 'til 10pm - not sure what time I'm at Starbucks next day, but think I'm on the early shift....)

10am-6pm = Starbucks

~ So ideally I guess I'd do Hartley's in the morning, possibly a bit later than that though so not waiting 'round in town for my other shift to start - and that way I can theoretically fit some essaying in when I get home that night. I might be too knackered by then, but even if I'm in Starbucks for 7am I'll still be able to spare a few hours. It's just a bit annoying 'cause I have to figure out how best to fit it all in. :/

Anyway I'd better go before my hour of reading is gone! :)


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