Nov. 8th, 2007

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Crap my phone just died again. :/

Every now and then it just whites out when I'm in the middle of something - this is only the second time it's done it though, so I'm not sure if it'll recover like last time. Either way I think I need to ring up tech support or something 'cause my right key isn't working either. Def won't be good for when I go travelling, if I have an unreliable phone which keeps dying!


Anyway, just got back from my seminar of the day. Had a presentation on pets, was with Becca again which was nice. There were also meant to be two other girls - we saw them after y*day's lecture & basically just said we weren't going to make a powerpoint presentation, then they had to go to another lesson. Then I spoke to Becca a bit more and we agreed to meet up before today's seminar to go over it all last-minutely to make sure we weren't saying the same thing etc.

The other two didn't turn up - Becca txt'd them y*day about it but they never replied, then today they were no-shows, and they didn't come to the seminar either, so our presentation was basically only half as much/long as was meant to be!

Think the teacher understood though - there was almost another group with only one group member 'cause the others came in about halfway through the lesson!

Have decided I want to become an artist [again].

So tonight I'm going to write an essay plan for my procedural Humans and Other Animals module, try to do some revision for my Japanese exam, and also do some job hunting - see if anything else catches my eye, or if I can find any info on how to go about becoming an artist. lol

I watched an episode of Blood Ties last night - instead of working, I know, bad me - and it was really good! I ♥ the guy they've got playing Henry Fitzroy (it's the tv show based on the Tanya Huff Blood Ties series btw - of which I've read the first book), and I've got to get my fix from somewhere since they're showing no signs of making a second series of The Dresden Files. Anyway! Not only do I love the actor, but he looks exactly like I imagine Jean-Claude in LKH Anita Blake series to look like! :)

I'm meeting Jane in town tonight to go to the pub, which will be nice - haven't seen her in ages - but I hope I'm not too distracted by the fact that I've got to be at work at 11am tomorrow...'til close (starbucks).

Actually, you know what - I'm going to be lazy again!

I'm going to shift one of my homework's to saturday (only hartley's then - I'm doing both jobs on sunday this week instead). So I'll do my japanese then I think - get a straight run of translating in. Today I'm going to watch another ep of Blood Ties (if I can find one), and just generally doss about 'til 3pm, then I'll do essay plan 'til it's time to get an early tea and then head into town.

...Or it might make more sense to do it the other way 'round... :/

Too many choices!!!


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