Nov. 10th, 2007

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Y*day was kinda tiring - wasn't really long or anything, but I kept making silly mistakes & I think that made it feel longer. I was on close with Iba and Charlie (girl) though, and they're both really good & really laid-back, which makes the time pass faster & just makes it nicer!

I didn't get much sleep last night though - foolishly decided to unwind by reading a fic (...well, this is me we're talking about!), and for some reason that woke me right up. Then I was just hyper-aware of Sam being in the house; she wasn't being particularly loud, but whenever she moved from one room to another I just went wide-awake again. And also she's 'got a cold' at the moment (I think it's psychosomatic though), so she keeps doing crappy little coughs and sniffing really loudly -> kept waking me right up. :/

So I got about 3 1/2 hours sleep before my hartley's shift. That went quite fast today though. :)

Popped by Starbucks to leave a note telling them I need to cut down my hours & a rough idea of how I want to do it/what I mean by 'cutting down my hours', and then I went to Sainsbury's for a quick grocery shop.

Got back at 9am and have just been treating myself to the last of my chocolate soya milk & 2 pain au chocolate's I picked up from Sainos. ^_^

I've just whizzed about (electronically) and checked all emails, caught up with who I need to message...blah blah. And now I'm going to pack my bag & head to the library for the day.

Well, I say day, but I need to be back by 4pm at the latest - doing an early again tomorrow 'cause I'm also in Starbucks & for some reason doing a 4 hour shift after an 8 hour shift seems weirder than doing it before. *shrug*

I'm planning on making a full-out vegetarian chilli (with kidney beans & everything! *is excited*) for dinner tonight (it keeps quite well, so can feed me monday too), so I'll need to do that early as well.

Just going to go and update my ipod music, then it's bag-packing time! :)


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