Nov. 17th, 2007

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Oh dear. :/

I wanted to do essaying today, but I've been a bit too productive this morning & now I feel so accomplished I just can't talk myself into doing anything. Doesn't help that I'm highly aware of the time as will be going to bed early so can do my shift in the am again tomorrow.

Was the early Hartley's shift again today, but afterwards instead of coming home I hung about in town 'til the shops opened (I went and had a coffee in Starbucks), and then I did my xmas shopping.

Decided this year to do some gift bags for friends instead of individual gifts - cheaper, and also a lot easier for my poor brain/limited shopping time. So I got everything I need for them, and then I got my dad's pressie (ginger chocs, aromatherapy oils - he likes to put them on the coals in the sauna after playing squash - and a potato masher - he asked for one). I've already had my mum's pressie sorted for ages (book & a scarf), and for Katie's pressie I'm hoping to fix her Nintendo 64 (it's not broken-broken, it just has the wrong plug or something, but they can't find the right one - here's hoping I can!). I'm not sure what I'll get her if that idea doesn't pan out, but essentially I'm all done.

It only took me an hour & a half, and when I got back I wrote out all my xmas cards & sorted out the gift bags. I know it's majorly in advance, but this way it's done & I don't have to think about it anymore. :)

Then I went on to campus & picked up the key texts I'd booked. Unfortunately, they're not due in 'til monday...meaning I have zero motivation ('cause I always need some kind of external motivation) to get the work done today. :/

I also went to the co-op on my way home & picked up more peanut butter - it's sooooo good on toasted pitta bread! ^_^

So I've kinda wound down a bit now. Would've been more productive to stay on campus, but I was too hungry.

Right, well I'd best go watch an ep of Psych. My instincts (i.e. the fact that I left this entry half-written in order to go to Alluc and find the next ep of Psych) tell me that I won't get anything done until I give myself this treat. I'd probably just sit here arguing with myself, which really isn't very useful - so if I must slack off, I will at least do it properly!

Okay, and now I'm going to go before I realise how ridiculous that sounded!


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