Nov. 18th, 2007

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Bit of a mix up at work today - when I popped in to Starbucks to get my rota for next week anyway, hartley's was fine. Marian - our new store supervisor - had put me down for working tomorrow. Fine, not unexpected...but she'd scheduled me for smack bang when I'm in lectures. The stupid people hadn't passed on my uni schedule to her!

She'd asked about my availability, but I'd thought she was on about the number of hours I wanted 'cause I was trying to change that - nope. So she thought that meant I was free any day, any time, but I only wanted to do a certain number of hours. :/

So I've had to flat out refuse to go in tomorrow 'cause that's my presentation for Health, Medicine & Media - and if I don't do it, or do badly at it then I'll fail that module.

I'm quite nervous about that really. I've done the slides for it, but the last one still needs fiddling & I don't have the presentation programme on this computer. I figure it's just me being a bit of a worry-wart though, so I'm going to go in early tomorrow to campus & finish it then. Otherwise I'd end up redoing the whole thing!

I still haven't done any essay work yet - despite the key texts being due back tomorrow morning. :s And I haven't done my japanese homework, even though I'm meant to be going to Justine's tomorrow night & won't have time. It's partly I'm uninspired, but I also just can't be bothered.

On thursday my Humans & Other Animals teacher gave us a really good seminar on how to write a good essay & went 'round afterwards going over our procedural essay plans with us.


What I got from that, when I asked how much our marks from last year will affect our chances for our final grade, was that we could get as high a mark as want - "if you want it and work for it, of course you can get a 2:1".

That's basically what the whole seminar was about - how to convert a 2:2 into a 2:1. Which is great & her advice was really useful. But I don't want a 2:1. I want a 1st...and so it's sort of sinking in now that I won't ever get that kind of mark.

Add in the fact that I still don't have a clue what I want to do for a career, and as such don't know what I'm aiming for - and I'm kinda not seeing the point at the moment.

I know if I put in less than half the effort I have been this term I'll still be able to graduate with a 2:2. Sure a 2:1 would be better, but if it's not my grand aim of a 1st then I'm really not seeing all the difference.

Sorry if that sounds arrogant - call it my confidence in my slacker-like abilities if you will. I always manage to get an average mark. And in the university scheme of things I'd call a 2:2 average. So to my view, that's what I'm going to be getting; whether I work my ass off or not.

Yeah, I just can't give a shit right now.

Oh & had a mini-crisis at home as well, which I got to sort out today during work.

So, to sum up this weekend:
Work = great!
Emotional & Familial wellbeing = not so good.

Just started to rant about my housemates again, but you know what - I can't be fucked with going into that!

Suffice to say I still don't like them (Steph isn't so bad now, but that's mainly 'cause we haven't seen one another properly - and I'm keeping it that way!), and I don't want to live with them anymore.


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