Nov. 29th, 2007

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Okay, first off, hotmail is crap = fact.

Second - I got my procedural done!! ^_^ Not sure if it's any good, but I managed to kinda get it to fit the word count & I'm kinda happy with the content. Not too worried anyway as I know we're going to be having proper chats with the teacher about them once they're marked (preparing us for the assessed essay).

I also spoke to her & then did a lot of emailing, so it looks like I'm going to be able to change my Project Essay - yaaaaaaay! Now I just need to see if she'll take me, or if I'm keeping my current supervisor...

I know that the deadline I set was fictional, but given how hard it was to stick to - even when working my butt off - and given how stressed I've been getting just thinking about my shifts at Starbucks...I've decided to quit that job. :/

Just written my resignation letter - after an encouraging talk with Yani & Laura, then another one with my mum...and then a third one with Justine when she rang me from Kings Cross station - and I'm going to hand it in tomorrow at the beginning of my shift.

Now I'm stressed 'cause I know I'll still have 2 weeks notice to work through & I'd really rather they just use my holiday entitlement for it. :p

Oh, and news update: Steve broke up with Lianne on tuesday night! I was completely shocked, but I've just had a 15 min phone convo with her mum (she rang for Lianne but Steph had dragged her to the cinema to distract her) and apparently it was brewing all summer. I said I'd always thought Lianne was too good for Steve & she practically gave me a phone hug, as that's exactly what she's always thought, but then she thought it was just her being motherly.

So we had a good natter, then Lianne & Steph got home & they're (Steph, Lianne & Sam) all in the kitchen now. And they just yelled me so I suppose I should head down to see what they want.

I'm just planning on relaxing tonight - reading some fanfic then sleeping. Zero work. Have a full day shift at Starbucks tomorrow to look forward to afterall, followed by an early shift at Hartley's on saturday. Hopefully this'll be the last time I have to do a Starbucks friday before a Hartley's saturday though! :)


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