Dec. 6th, 2007

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Despite my best efforts, I didn't get to sleep 'til an hour after my housemates went out - they were too loud, and then I was too hot. :/

Got ready for work as the last two straggled in, and they were all abed when I returned earlier.

It was actually quite fun working the morning shift with other people again - got to catch up a bit with Jane, and it's really easy working with her & Lee; easily had all the sandwiches done before Chris got there. Also got to have a bacon sandwich and some coffee before we got to leave, which was nice & relaxing...and free. ^_^

Think Jane liked having me there as well, as she requested I come in to help out tomorrow morning as well - and Chris okayed it, then asked me if I wanted to do it. So I'm in again tomorrow, and quite excited about it despite the early morning!

I don't have anything today apart from a 2:30 supervisor meeting about my project essay, so I've just been sitting in bed watching Psych. I've just finished the first season, but I'm reluctant to start the second, because I'd really like to have it on dvd and see it properly, but at this rate I'll have watched it all on alluc before I ever get 'round to buying it. :/

Tried to arrange to see Yani&co to discuss holiday, but they're only free after 6pm, which is when I need to be getting ready for bed. So I rang them instead, and now we're going to try to book out flights individually, instead of buying a 'round the world ticket.

Fauziah looked over our plan & the ticket price we had quoted, and she then said it wasn't a v.good deal, considering you can get internal flights at a pretty standard price of £10(approx), so paying £1,500 was pretty steep, bearing in mind the main cost will be the initial flights in and out (a return to Japan approx £500 if you book in advance, so we'd be looking at something similar for the flight in & out combined - well, we hope!).

I've said I'll try to pop 'round on sunday - only Yani will be in, but that's more luck than I've been having so far! - and we'll talk some of the details over. Our primary aim is to get it booked before the end of next week; after that we'll all be popping home for xmas, so it'll be harder to get it sorted.

Not sure what I'm going to do today. Already wrote out a rough idea of what I want to explore in my project essay, and while I should be revising for my japanese oral test next tues, I have no idea what it's on (given I've skivved the past 2-3 classes). :/

Therefore I have decided to email my teacher asking what it's on, and spend the rest of my time - up til when I need to shower so I smell nice for my trip to campus - relaxing. :)

Have realised that my laziness has a positive effect on my money expenditure!

Think I'll go and see if my croissants have defrosted yet as well. Mmmm...croissants... ^_^


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