Dec. 21st, 2007

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I'm still in my pj's, but I have been doing essay work today so I'm quite happy. :) Decided I'd aim for at least a page today, but given my introduction is already looking to be going over that I think I'm going to settle for getting the introduction done, my second chapter started, and figure out what my other chapters will contain.

Had a bit of a panic earlier 'cause the internet stopped working - I've just done a bit of fiddling though & turning it off at the plug seems to have done the trick. Was quite good though, as it meant I had to do work! Am on my lunch break now though so I thought I'd best try to fix it.

Y*day wasn't very productive in the end - I did so some reading, and kinda figured out my introduction from that, but then I caved and watched the last 3 eps of Heroes S1. *squeals like a nutter* Sooooo so good!!!! But now I really want to see S2 to find out what happens next! *pouts*

Can't believe there's only 4 more days 'til xmas (and I only know this 'cause I've got a countdown thing on facebook) - still have to get rest of my sister's pressie!!

Anyway, I'd better go get my lunch sorted before it's time to do work again - am glad I got the inet fixed though, I felt really isolated just knowing it wasn't there if I needed it...


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