Dec. 22nd, 2007

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Feeling a bit guilty - it was Dymph's b*day y*day and she went out for a meal with friends for it. I was invited, but my usual trauma (no money, and busy working) made me decline. I feel quite shitty about it though; I missed her first celebration, which was clubbing, and in the end I wasn't asleep like I was meant to be, instead I had a really restless night & didn't get to sleep properly 'til gone I could have gone to the meal at 7:30 & it probably wouldn't have disrupted my sleep any more than it already was. :/

I had a txt from my boss last night at about 8pm, telling me I had lots of sandwiches to make, and that he also needed me to make 10 extra for his family. So in the end I got less sleep than I'd planned, and had to get up half an hour earlier than I normally do so I could have more time to make the sandwiches in.

Meant to go shopping afterwards, but again the gap between 8am and 9am just seemed too long & I walked home instead. I've decided to time my shift tomorrow so that I finish at 9am, and then I definitely need to do this damn shopping!

Entered a radio competition while at work (before my boss arrived lol), to be put in a draw to win Transformers on dvd. *g*

Was very surreal though, 'cause the radio host actually rang me up to let me know I'd successfully entered the draw, chatted with me a bit about my xmas shopping (to be eligible for the draw you had to still have some shopping to do), and then about 5 mins later our convo was played on the radio as if was happening at that moment!

Chris was there by that point, and he stopped in loading the van with sandwiches to tell me off for not plugging his shop while I was talking to the radio host! :p

Anyway, that was really exciting, so when I got home I hopped back into bed... Was too cold and too tired to bother with essay. I didn't mean to fall asleep, but my eyes kept drifting shut as I read fanfic (I'm back into QAF now - having found the entire dvd collection under my bed; v.bad for my essay-writing aims!).

Yoinked myself up at about 11:30, and have just finished eating lunch - so now I'm back in bed (to conserve the heating), in my pjs (to conserve my washing machine tablets), working up some kind of determination to engage in essay writing again (...and here I guess I'm trying to conserve brain cells? *flops*).

I know I can't really afford to be this un-motivated right now. I have 7 days in which to write 2 essays (I've already written my visits home off as being un-workable, but even if I included them that's only another 7 days to do anything in). Even for one essay that's unrealistic!

Thing is, these essays have to be of 1st standard, otherwise I'm going to let myself down...and so I'm also worrying that by pushing the writing it's going to be crap - like on my last visit home, when I pushed a painting, and it came out horrible (my mum still said she liked it & wants to put it up somewhere, but she's my mumkin so she's hardly impartial!). :s

I managed to get onto page 2 y*day, it was about 1,000 words. So that leaves another 4,000 to play with. If I aim to do a minimum of 1,500 today, then in theory I should only need another 1-2 days max to get the word count hit, and then refine it.

I think I'll have to take my laptop home with me. :/


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