Dec. 31st, 2007

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Quick update of past couple of days:

Did catch my planned train in the end - got home fine, but the second train made me feel a bit sick again, so I wasn't very talkative when my sister met me at the station. Then I spent the rest of the day feeling like death warmed over (really achy, muzzy & v.wobbly/faint) - so mumkin decided making me do DIY would be a good idea & tried to get me to help her fix the oven door. We managed a temporary fix, which broke again the next day, but today she actually went and got a replacement part so it should be fixed for good finally (this time without any help from me). Then after that I got a hot water bottle and went to bed, despite mum wanting me to stay up and watch a DVD with her & Katie.

Got to sleep about 8pm, and slept right through 'til 8:30am. I felt really good - none of my previous symptoms. Had breakfast, went shopping with Katie, had lunch...felt sick again. So I went and had a lie-down after that, and went to sleep again. I only got about 45mins though before Katie came and got me to go for a drive with her (I thought maybe getting out the house would help - even if only in a car), and that was alright, though I still felt a bit ill.

By the time Loll Loll arrived I seemed okay again, but determined not to overdo it again too soon - I think it was the massive gammon lunch that made me feel ill again. :/ Shame, 'cause it was really nice.

Amanda's party was really nice - though the other guests didn't put any effort in to do karaoke, or applaud our group when we did it. twice. Which could be saying something about our group, but tbh I think they should have applauded anyway, just to make it more fun & less serious - at least we were brave enough to go up there!

The buffet food was nice, but there were lots of things like samosas and coleslaw, which I love! - but which all have carrot in, so I can't eat them anymore (carrot gives me a sore tummy).

Despite some appalling classics the music was quite good, and the company, of course, was ace. So all in all it was a good night. We stayed 'til the end, then after Katie drove us home me & Loll Loll stayed up 'til about 3am chatting. That was really good too, but as usual I wish it lasted longer - my own fault for having an early train/being ill, but it does mean I have a new goal with my essays...get enough of them done so that I can visit her for her b*day! :)

Anyway, we had to get up at 8am today, so I'm still kinda knackered from my weird illness thing. Felt really bad for kicking her out though - didn't even get to give her brekky! (oh shit, just remembered I wanted to get ready brek from Sainsbury's & forgot!)

My first train was cancelled, but I managed to get another one earlier than that one was due, so that was fine, and then my second train was still running, so I got here quite speedily & not much fuss.

Unfortunately, I txt'd my friend to ask her when she wanted me 'round for New Years - the original plan being I'd go to hers, we'd have a few drinks, head into town for more drinks, then wind back up at hers for more drinks & DVDs nearer midnight.

She asked me to go to hers for 8pm, and then said we'd be heading off to a friend of a friend's house for a party, then going to town with them, and winding up at the Minster for midnight.

Didn't really want to do a proper party thing - esp' with people I probably wouldn't know, and which would require more intensive drinking than I'd planned on - but I said okay & left it at that.

Then I was doing my shopping at about 4:30 and she txt'd to tell me the plan had changed so could I go to hers for 6, then we'd be going to this person's house for food, and then on to town & the Minster.

Knew I wouldn't get back to mine before 5:30 anyway, and then it's a 20min walk to J's - plus, still didn't want to do this party thing; all I'd really been looking forward to was seeing her & getting to chill with some bailey's coffees later on. So I txt'd back that I didn't feel up to such a big party, sorry for being so crap & hope you have fun.

And she hasn't txt'd back, so I guess she's pretty pissed with me - but I'm a bit annoyed too, 'cause as far as I was aware tonight was just going to be us, doing what I wrote a min ago. But it turned out that the house party she was going to was a friend of a friend of her housemate, Dymph's'. So it probably would be quite fun, but I don't really want to spend my New Years Eve trying to do some frantic party 'bonding' with strangers, so that I'll have a good time. I just wanted to chill with a friend, and I'm really disappointed 'cause if I'd known she had made plans like this (where I'm blatantly a last minute, 'oh, and can so&so come too?' - nice though it is that they said yes), I'd've stayed home an extra day & tried to do something with my other friends.

Anyway, I'm now stuck in York for the night, and I've already cleaned my room & my dinner's in the oven (breaded fish with brocolli and roasted sweet potato). So now it's just a toss up as to tv or DVD.

And to be an even sadder muppet, I'm going to steal some of my housemate's hot chocolate to curl up with. ^_^ And that to me is a good, relaxing, night - does that make me old?


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