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Ugh. So far today I've had a shower, scrubbed the shower & bath, had breakfast, and caught up on some travel-planning stuff.

Quite crap considering I meant to wake up at 6, have updated my essay with the changes I noted y*day, and be on to writing properly new material by now. :/

Y*day I actually managed a full(ish) day of work. I mean, I had to go out to get my printer cartridges refilled, and pick up a book from the library, but other than that I only breaked twice in the day. Once for lunch, and then again for dinner.

I got my essay at it is printed out, and spent the day going over it with a pencil, analysing how bad it was.

Unfortunately after doing this I couldn't motivate myself to do anything else, so called it a night at 8:30, and then spent 3 hours reading fanfiction! Then I hit the snooze button at 6, then turned the alarm off at 6:15...then woke of own accord at 8:30! -_-

It's so annoying! I've got my schedule all worked out; I know exactly how much work I need to do in each day to get this stuff finished in time...and I'm just completely motivationally-blocked! *growls*

I'm not sure if pushing myself on through the block is a good idea (the work will probably be shit and need redoing anyway), or if giving myself 'til lunchtime to doss and then working on 'til bedtime (and properly cutting out the fanfiction-before-I-sleep part) will be enough to re-energise me. :s

Well I know what's going to happen if I don't take the morning off - I'll spend the morning arguing with myself over whether or not I should take the morning off! So screw it, I'm not starting today 'til lunch. :p

God I hate essays.


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