Jan. 7th, 2008

skysha_tranqui: (Cristina Regretful --> pic from everybod)
Housemates aren't being as messy as last term yet, though they are already leaving a crumb-covered counter whenever they enter the kitchen, which I've already wiped up twice today.

Steph's bogged down with revision for an exam, and dissertation work, plus she's gone in to town to run errands - so I haven't seen much of her, and whenever I have it's only been in passing so it's not too bad.

Sam I haven't seen much of, but that's primarily 'cause I've got my door closed - hate leaving it open when she's in her room with the door open, and I hate having to walk past her room when she's got the door open (which I have to do if I want to go anywhere other than my room). She's got an exam as well, but while she went to a 'revision' session today she was only gone for about half an hour.

Was planning on staying in pjs and just essaying with my snacks today, but with the housemates back I ended up unconsciously waiting for them to leave the house before doing anything. So I've managed to watch an episode of Moonlight, and the first episode of Pushing Daisies (looks quite good, though I hope after ep one the overly quirky commentating style settles down, otherwise it's a bit too disconnected), and do zero work. I also slept in longer than I meant to.

Anyway, with Sam now firmly settled in her room for the day I think I'd better haul myself into the shower, and then I'm going to re-closet myself in my room. :/


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