Feb. 6th, 2008

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There's a funeral going on, at the church across from my house - now isn't that a pleasant thing to discover when you step out of your house to go and buy some milk in the morning? A black hearse with 'Husband' spelt out in flowers slowly driving past, and 3 black-clad men loitering on the curb cracking jokes. :/

Me thinks it might be a sign that today isn't going to go well.

It's Yani's b*day today, and she's having a sleepover at her house, with a pudding theme - so we're all making desserts and bringing them with us. Instead of a pressie, she's asked us all to bring £10, and her, Laura and lil' Steph went and bought DVDs, food, drink, etc.

I started preparing for it y*day - had to make my jam a day in advance, and while I was doing that I figured I'd bash out some oatmeal cookies. They were really yummy (I had 3 last night), but they've gone a bit brittle now. Not sure if it's just the type they're meant to be, but I like my cookies soft, so I don't think I'm going to take them with me. I'm not that proud of them! lol

I still need to bake my other desserts though - am doing raspberry oatmeal squares, and lemon bars. That will take me a few hours, and I still haven't made much progress with my essays.

I spent monday in the lib with Bunny, thinking up a new Project Essay, and I'm actually quite happy with this one. I really need to have it all planned out by friday though, otherwise I don't think my supervisor will be convinced I can do it (plus this will be my 3rd idea, which doesn't make me seem v.reliable).

Tried to do a bit of essay y*day, but I got distracted by cookies, and then dinner, and then it was gone 10 by the time I properly sat down to do it...so I went to bed. And read a whole book.

Don't really want to sleep over tonight, but I already said I would prob go home 'cause I've got a 9:15 start, and all day on campus - and they refused to accept that, on the basis that they all have 9:15s too!

The party's meant to start at 7pm, but I think I'll try to go later. I know Steph will prob be a bit late 'cause she's going to yoga first, so I might just wait for her & try to get some work done.

Am going to go do my baking now though, and hopefully with it out of the way I'll be able to get some work done.

Oh, and I will update about my weekend at some point...just can't be arsed right now, plus I never seem to have enough time these days! :p
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Well, I've spent all afternoon baking. So far all I've got to show for it are the raspberry oatmeal bars - of which there aren't nearly as many as I thought there would be. I've still got my lemon bars in the oven, but I'm not sure how well they're going to turn out; ended up guessing all the measurements in an attempt to double the result & make up for the small number of raspberry ones, but I brought it out earlier only to discover it hadn't cooked properly in the middle.

So fingers crossed that it will come out okay the second time. :s

I've done a tiny bit more essay, but not as much as I'd wanted given I had the whole day free for once.

Am in quite a bad post-pms mood at mo tho, and I hate how life keeps intruding on my attempts to be studious - it always pisses me off, and then I'm in a bad mood & it's not even at anyone in particular, but it makes me want to say "you know what, you're not important right now - finishing my degree is - so why don't you go away 'til that's done, and then I'll come and tell you when we can socialise".

Not the nicest way to feel, and really selfish I know, but that's just how I'm feeling all the time at the mo.

Don't know if it's better of me to not go, or to make the effort and go, then feel really resentful the whole time I'm there. That's how my time on campus keeps turning out - meeting Sukriti for breakfast on tuesdays (not that I'd've gotten any work done if I hadn't gone to campus early), but I just feel grudging the whole time I'm there. :/


Have just checked on the lemon bars, and I don't think they're quite as the recipe intended, but Steph was just taste-testing with me & she reckons it's good. Instead of a lemon cakey-bar thing it's a gloopy lemon meringue-ey bar. The eggs are cooked, even if it hasn't solidified, and the cake base is yummy, the only real problem with it is that it's v.v.v.sugary!

Anyway, Steph was going to go to yoga, but now she can't be bothered, so I'm walking down with her at 7ish. Hopefully that'll keep me from changing my mind and hiding in my room so they can't make me go. :)

Have just been going over what essaying work I've done - on both of the essays - and have decided that, given I have 1,000 words left on both of them, I'm going to leave them both and start my third one next week. Then when I've got 1,000 left on that one I'm going to bring them all out and use that word-limit-leeway to reshape them a bit and do my conclusions.

So the rest of this week will be spent on project essay work. Tomorrow in particular I'm going to hash it out.

If I can't get this idea fully articulated then I don't think Amanda will let me do it. And also I've got to try to convince her my new idea isn't too broad for a project essay, and that there are enough links to make it worth my while exploring.

So I'm really not looking forward to that.

But first I have to get through this evening - and how bad is it that I consider a friend's b*day party something I have to 'get through'?

I probably will have fun. I just don't really want to. *is confused & frustrated by self*


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