Feb. 8th, 2008

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Wednesday night turned out to be really good - not that there was any doubt, I just couldn't be arsed to go! lol

The lemon bars were less gloopy once they'd cooled, so I took them as well as the raspberry oatmeal bars, and Steph had her two trays of chocolate malteser cake (chocolate, butter & golden syrup melted together, then added to crunched up biscuits, and maltesers, mixed and put in a dish, then left to set in the fridge - basically a coronary waiting to happen!).

At Yani's they had 2 mini dishes of lemon cheesecake, a tiramisu, and about 3 french sticks which were turned into homemade garlic bread & churned out fresh from the grill on a semi-regular basis. And of course there were nachos, celery, carrots and dips.

Steph N had made a huge raspberry cheesecake, Fauziah came in a bit later with an apple crumble (yani's oven is broken, so Fuzzles had to go 'round a friend's house to make the dessert!), and even later on Anna arrived with marshmallow rice crispy squares (was too full by then to eat any, but I had one for breakfast the next day).

So we ate, a lot, played on their dance mats, teamed up and played Pictionary (me, lil' Steph and Fuzzles were a team & won!!), and even made a twister mat out of paper & had a mini game at that. It didn't work that well though, 'cause we didn't have a spinney thing to order us about, and instead had lil' Steph telling us what to do...and then it ripped...

Finally we settled down to watch some dvds, at about 2:30. First in was The School For Scoundrels (the original black & white version), but we didn't find it funny, so after about ten mins we took it out & put Confetti in. I just wanted to go to sleep by then though, and the others were just as bad. Yani was the only one to actually watch it all the way through, and then she made us all get up!

After waking us all up, we then had to re-organise the room so the fold-out bed could be used, and then get some mattresses into Yani's room so people could sleep in there too.

Finally we got it sorted though, and go to sleep about 4am.

We all had 9:15's, so at 8am 3 different alarms started going off - and eventually we all got up, dressed, and had some tea & toast (and pudding). ^_^

As per my prediction, Yani & co did make the rest of them late for their class - luckily my class didn't start 'til 9:45, but I was in campus on time to meet Sukriti beforehand.

I fell asleep a little bit in my lecture & movie screening. My friends noticed, but I don't know if the lecturer did or not. That was the only time I fell asleep all day though, so I wasn't too bad.

Was meant to meet up with Bunny for lunch, and I even had an extra tub of raspberry oatmeal bars to share with her, but she txt'd me to say she had a migraine, and so had gone home early. Instead I went to Vanbrugh with my class friends, bumped into Sian & had a mini chat with her, and then after lunch went to my lesson with Sukriti & Dymph.

Sukriti wasn't in that seminar, but she stayed in Wentworth to do some of her reading, and when my class was finished I met up with her again. Then Emmy popped by and invited us to hers for some tea, so we went 'round and had a nice chat about Mills & Boon, horror movies and dissertation deadlines.

We had to go just as Shiv arrived, and then after our seminar I went to the library to sort out more of my dissertation plan & bumped into Sian again. Only stayed there 'til quarter to 7, which is later than Sian stayed, but she had fencing practice to go to, and the only reason I left then was 'cause my mum was going to ring at 9pm, and I'd gone through the pile of books I had (not reading them, just compiling a list of ones I would find useful when actually doing the essay), but if I tried to get another pile together I'd end up being late. So as it was I left a bit earlier, had tea when I got home, and then mum rang after that.


I woke up at 5am this morning, and was really annoyed 'cause Sam had left the landing light on all night. I turned it off once last night, then she turned it on & left it - when I went to turn it back off though (after it had been on for half an hour), I discovered she was sat on the stairs on the phone, so I left it & went to bed...but she didn't turn it off once she was done! Grrr...

Anyway, after turning it off, I did manage to get back to sleep, and I didn't wake up 'til 9am, so feel quite lazy.

Had a shower, breakfast, did more work on my dissertation, and watched an ep of Hana Kimi.

And now I'm just semi-panicking, waiting for the time to go to campus & see my supervisor. I'm still not sure how to put my new idea across to her - I've tried to do the barebones, so I can properly outline it for her, but it makes less sense like that. But equally, if I just show her all the notes & work I've done, it won't make much sense either... :/

Hopefully she'll be in a good mood though - I think if she is it won't matter too much if I have trouble articulating what I'm going to be doing. Or maybe that's me being too hopeful? *cringes*

Oh well, I need to go get ready now - my appointment's at 2!


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