Feb. 13th, 2008

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Y*day was horrible! I couldn't get my brain to work at all - spent the whole day (apart from lunch) on my bed, practicing getting my legs over my head, as I tried to think my way to a logical, well-balanced, layout for my essay.

I did get as far as section 5, but I hit a block back in the times of Darwin, and I couldn't figure out how to get back to the present, and I had a horrible ill-feeling, so I just went out for a walk.

Got back, managed to get past Darwin, then I got stuck on modern science. And I have no idea how to loop this 'round to human consciousness, much less animals. :/

I think I might have bitten off more than I can chew afterall. I have no doubt I will find a way to link it all together - I'm genius at finding seemingly random links (not bragging here, it's just how my brain works) - but I do think I'll struggle to focus on each area as much as it deserves with only 10,000 words.

I'm giving myself 'til 3:30 to get y*days stuff typed up and fleshed out a bit more - and obv get the consciousness bit in there somewhere too. After that I've got a real estate person coming to take photos, and really I'll need to email the plan to Amanda before 5, so she gets it before the end of her office hours.

My jeans decided to break today as well, which is just great - they're 1 of the 2 pairs which actually fit me properly! I have 2 more pairs which also fit, but they only fit with the help of a belt, and I don't really like the bottom of them either. And all of my other jeans have holes in so I can't wear them. Leaving me with only 1 pair of jeans which are perfect...wonder how long they'll last?

So I just wasted about half an hour buying a new pair online (I hate jeans-shopping in person) - just hope they fit when they arrive! And I also bought a top for when I got travelling. It's a strapless bandeau thing, in light green, and I hope it'll be quite cool 'cause apparently it's going to be boiling when we get out there.

Okay, time to stop being concerned with my wardrobe, back to being a zombie-like student with no life!
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Phew, I did it!

Ended up having my lunch break at 2:30 - was only halfway through the plan, but with the estate dude due at 3:30 I figured I'd better stop there, eat, and tidy up the kitchen a bit.

In the end Steph had beaten me to it, having had her lunch break half an hour earlier and then tidied - but the estate dude arrived early, so it all worked out quite neatly. Then I went back to my work, and finally got it finished and sent off at 6pmish. So I no doubt missed her in the office, but at least I got it done before the end of the day. :)

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day, so Happy Valentine's to you all in advance!

I've got a full day on campus, and then I'm going 'round Justine's in evening, so I prob won't get chance to say it tomorrow.

I'm not sure what to expect tomorrow night though. It was originally going to be me, Justine, Dymph and Sukriti, but I checked on fb y*day and suddenly there's 4 more people coming - all of whom are Dymph's friends.

Fair enough, it's her house & her party too... but it's meant to be a sleepover, and in my experience you generally stick to a smallish group of close friends. I have met all the people coming, but they're all so very much Dymph's friends, that I know I'll feel awkward with them. Plus, they're all in rev together (christian gospel choir uni group) - all really nice, but they're v.clique & last time I was with them as a group I just felt like the odd one out. :/

Don't know if I'm just being uber-picky again - all I seem to do lately is complain about things which are meant to be fun! - it does just feel a bit weird to me though. Am I being a picky bint? Feel free to say so; I probably need some sense slapping into me! Where's Loll Loll when I need her...?

Reminds me...I really need to get some bloody stamps and post the rest of her b*day pressie!


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