Feb. 16th, 2008

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Am on campus at the mo!

Wanted to get some stuff from a Japan guide photocopied, but the place doesn't open 'til 10...

So thought I'd do an update while I wait. :)


Well, I didn't go to the valentine's sleepover in the end. I spent the day with Sukriti (we have all but one class together - and that class was cancelled this week), and we got talking about the party. She hadn't realised it had grown to such a big thing, and while she knows the others who were invited better than me, she didn't want to go to such a big event either.

Plus she'd been feeling ill on and off all day, and just couldn't be arsed basically. Which was pretty much the same as me, only instead of feeling ill insert a general tired zombie-like funk.

So we'd pretty much talked each other out of going by the time 3pm rolled 'round, and then Emmy popped by on her way to the gym and told us how she'd turned down 3 invitations for that night, b/c she wanted to be alone & not do anything. Having a non-involved person reiterate this desire to simply slob and not do anything was the clincher, and me & Sukriti made up our minds not to go.

After our 4:15-6:15 class we went back to Sukriti's - to think how we'd txt and let them down. She started talking to her cousin on the phone, and I got some noodles from Costcutter and cooked them back at her place. Then she made herself some sandwiches, and her convo with her cousin finished in time for us to eat together. Then we went to her room, and she txt'd to let them know she wasn't going 'cause was feeling ill still.

I decided to wait another half an hour, so wouldn't be too obvious that we were scheming together.

And thing is, even though we were being kinda bitchy and mean by doing this, we both kept noting that we didn't really feel guilty at all.

The other two (the party-holders) had changed who was invited, and they never made any effort to see us during the week. Dymph for instance came to about 2 of our morning meet-ups before our lectures, and then she stopped bothering - even though she's up already 'cause she goes to the gym in the morning, and she's in the same lecture as us. And Justine's always busy with other stuff, but doesn't even try to arrange a lunch on campus, or get in touch at all.

Anyway, so I txt'd half an hour later, and said that I'd gone home & was too tired now to come back out - also said that I thought the mental exhaustion from doing my essay plan had caught up with me. They didn't reply to either of our txt messages.

Fair enough, they were probably pissed off - but it doesn't say much for how 'eager' they were to see us, that they didn't even try to convince us to come...even if only for a little while.

That fact, coupled with us never really seeing them anymore anyway, and we were really not bothered that we'd probably pissed them off.

We ended up watching 27 Dresses, eating Penguins and M&M's, and drinking tea...and it was nice & relaxing - what we were both in the mood for, and what we'd thought the initial sleepover plan was meant to be aiming for.

I left at about 10, got home 11 something and went straight to bed.

Y*day I got up at about 8am, caught up on my homework, then spent the rest of my half day catching up with Torchwood (managed to miss 2 weeks worth somehow, so I quickly yoinked it with iplay), and then started watching Hotaru no Hikari (which is uber funny & cute!).

Went to bed at about 6pm, read for an hour or so...and by then my housemates were home. :/

Am seriously unimpressed!

I managed to get about 3 hours sleep, between 8:30 and 11ish, and the rest of the night was a complete wash.

They decided, yet again, that friday night was a brilliant night to do something fun involving alcohol - this time they wanted to watch High School Musical 2 with champagne margheritas.

Fair enough, have fun - why the hell does that involve leaving all the upstairs lights on, music on in bedrooms, trampling up and down the stairs and yelling to one another?!

I think the 3 hours bit must have been when they were watching the DVD and drinking, 'cause after that I got woken up by Sam returning to her room...then going to the bathroom...then back again...and repeat.

That might not have woken me up - if it weren't for the mega loud crash when she dropped something in her room.

And then Lianne came upstairs, and then went and sat on the stairs and talked to her mum, really loudly, for ages, about how she wanted some cajun chicken & canned new pototoes, and potato skins (her mum was asking what shopping she wanted her to bring when they come to visit today, so I had Lianne reciting her whole shopping list - and 'cause she was drunk, she was stuck on repeat with the things she wanted most, i.e. potato skins and canned potatoes).

Steph also came upstairs, to see how Sam was doing (she'd drunkenly put herself to bed by this point), and she at least had the decency to whisper, even though I could still hear her 'cause by that point I was wide awake.

Then she got Sam a glass of water and went to bed herself. At which point Sam then went and threw up the glass of water.

Then Lianne decided to bounce down the stairs going "yahooo!", start laughing at Steph and Sam for going to bed already, and then finally put herself to bed.

Only to get up and be sick 2 minutes later, before tottering back to bed & for some strange reason leaving the landing light on.

And repeat.

About 5 times.

Each time leaving the landing light on. *grinds teeth*

So I started to properly drop off to sleep at about quarter to 2 - just when I needed to start waking up!

Anyway, I've decided enough's enough, and I left a note saying;
"Can you guys be more careful about turning lights off - I keep finding them left on for no reason. ~you guys are bloody noisy, and Steph's the only one who can hold her drink"

Steph and Lianne's parents are all coming this morning, and I really don't want to see any of them, so I've told my mum to come and meet me here when she gets in town, and hopefully I won't have to see any of them all day!

I'll ask them more directly to be a bit more thoughtful on fridays - i.e. fuck off out the house please! - when I do see them again, because something tells me they won't quite get what I'm implying in the note.

My mum's due at about 11, and I've already wasted half an hour on the comp so I might go and see if I can get a bit of reading done as well as photocopying.

Can't wait to see her! Hopefully will put me in a better mood & take my mind off housemates! :)


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