Mar. 5th, 2008

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Steph has decided that today is house-spring-clean-day. I came home y*day to discover a note on the fridge saying her intentions to clean *everywhere* and that any volunteers to help would be much appreciated.

This weekend it was just me & Sam in the house - Steph went to Dublin with her semi-b*friend, and Lianne stayed at Steve's. I cleaned up solely after myself and left everything else as it was.

In short, Sam turned it into a pigsty.

It was already messy from last week, when again it was mainly me & Sam in the house - Steph was out on campus a lot, and Lianne was at Steve's again. And again, I just cleaned up after myself.

Sam didn't pick up anything that she dropped on the floor, she didn't touch the counters with a cloth, or the table, or the hob. Nor did she do her washing up, or empty the bin - even when it got to heaving capacity.

By the time Steph got back on monday the hallway smelt like something had died in there (Steph's b*friend's words), and when I got in on tuesday it smelt like rotting garbage to me. :/

My immediate reaction was to empty the bin and sanitise the hell out of it - definitely breaking point - but then I saw Steph's note on the fridge, and managed to grab a hold of myself, so instead we can blitz absolutely everything today.

I'm shocked, disgusted, annoyed, repulsed, etc etc, that Sam meanwhile was merrily tucked up in her room, paying no attention to the disgusting state of the kitchen - and it was mostly her fault! (I'm not saying the bin was her fault, 'cause we all use it - but for frigs sake, she's never emptied it! And despite this little social experiment to see how bad she'd let it get, I am appalled to say she would let it get to the stage of sprouting legs and walking before she'd even think about emptying it)

Then last night, Steph came upstairs when she got in to say hi to me, and I told her I have today at home so I'll definitely help the cleaning. Then on her way downstairs she stopped at Sam's room and asked if she'd be able to help too.

Answer: "Umm...well, no. [bit I couldn't hear, but was no doubt some lame excuse for not being able to] But, I mean, I could maybe do something, like the bathroom, later, tonight..."

And she sounded back to her normal 'stressed' self. Meaning it's probably hit her, now that the uni fashion/dance show event is out the way, that she in fact has done no-where near enough work for her degree this term. All she's been doing is going to rehearsals for the show, and going shopping to get stupid hair twirly, sparkly things, so they can all look like idiots on stage (saw some photos on fb, and it looks like someone wisely vetoed the hair things - 'cause no one was wearing them! lol).

I really, really hate living with this girl.

She's inconsiderate towards others, but makes a huge fuss if she thinks something's annoying.
She's unclean - I don't care how much she loves Lush products, or that she bathes daily; if you don't keep your environment at least reasonably clean, then in my eyes you're simply dirty too. :p
And she just has a really bad attitude towards co-habiting in general.

Take this cleaning day for instance. Despite being 'sooo busy' that she can only possibly spare an hour or so tonight, to clean the reasonably clean upstairs bathroom, she's already been up since 7 or 8. She's had a lovely leisurely breakfast downstairs, watching the tv and laughing at something. Then she's had an equally leisurely shower, followed by hairdryer-action! And now, she's surfing the net. At a minimum she's already wasted 2 hours, supposedly being 'busy'.

When she was downstairs I heard some plate-noises, and assumed she was doing the obvious thing and getting her washing washed and put away, so me & Steph don't have to do it when we start cleaning. However, when I went downstairs to get my own breakfast, I found she had in fact simply brought another plate down from her bedroom...and added it to her pile.

Me & Steph haven't started cleaning yet 'cause we're waiting for Lianne, who's back at 10:30. Even if Sam has an 10:15 it's not exactly hard to do a bit before you go. She's leaving rather late if it is a 10:15 though, so either she's got a later class than that, she's meeting people on campus, or she's actually staying in today, but refusing to help us 'cause she's so behind on her uni work.

Damn, I only meant this to be a quick post!
Oh well, shows how much she drives me up the wall I guess. :/


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